My Channel Was Deleted Last Night

Published 2023-03-24
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All Comments (21)
  • Poly Clot
    In a healthy organization, sh!t actually rolls up the hill, rather than down. Beautifully said, Mr. Linus
  • darklajid
    I like how Linus owned himself by spelling ONE in the code as O W N E
  • persona2grata
    I'm a security data scientist for a bank, which most of the time makes me feel pretty paranoid about the level of care I take when dealing with digital content, but stories like this make me feel a little less crazy.
  • Justin The Turtle
    I love the fact that despite someone on your team making a mistake, you guys are using this to better the company instead of hurt it.
  • Stu Shipp
    Geez, what a mess. Glad you guys are handling it. I have to say this is the most sincere I feel I've ever seen Linus. This authentic display of feelings was nice to see for a change.
  • Jim Browning
    As someone who had a channel deleted (albeit in a different way), I sympathize. Glad Google had your back and I wish they were as responsive for me (took a week, but at least they restored it).
    - It's good to own up to mistakes; others will learn from this
    - Perhaps link to the advice you quote in the video and not just a shout out to ThioJoe?

    Keep up the good work.
  • David Pratt
    Love the fact that the wife was down there in the trenches with you. What a team you are.
  • Paryank Kansara
    This is very eye opening not only for YouTubers but also for common internet users. It is also an important lesson for web developers. Session hijacking is often an oversight by many developers. In some cases like social media, as you mentioned, they deliberately skip out some measures to make the UX less confusing. It would be nice to see if these companies at least add those advanced security features configurable. It would make the balance between UX and security.
  • Sebiro's
    I am glad that the community has the back of LTT. You guys have earned a place that deserves recognition in the face of struggles. It shows your strengths through the frays. You have a solid team that faces issues day in and day out. It is the unknown challenges that come out of left field, that you never see coming that turn things upside down. And they could happen again, but you guys are wiser from this. You may take a look at all your procedures and refresh the teams about how this transpired for future booby traps.
  • Matthew D'Zombie
    Another good rule of thumb, when all else fails call your contact at a vendor/sponsor directly before opening anything. If you don't have a contact with said vendor/sponsor call their customer service line and ask to speak to the person that sent the email.
  • Alex Kilpatrick
    I dont know if you'll see this since this video was posted last week but i wanted to let you and your team know how much of an impact LTT has had on me. I started watching about 8 or 9 years ago and got inspired to keep learning. Now I'm coming up on 1 year at my first IT job. Even now when i watch your channel I always learn new things almost every video. Thank you LMG and keep up the great work :)
  • Jon Rettinger
    Really appreciate your honestly and candor here. A huge problem that needs to be fixed.
  • Frederick Dunn
    This is incredibly valuable to ALL of us. We spend so much of our lives creating content and investing in our channels. If YOU can get hacked, anyone can be hacked, and that's very scary! What about music claims that aren't correct, yet earn big $$$ for those bots that claim content and just hope that the channel doesn't challenge that. Please do more Crime Related protection content. We are all VERY INTERESTED. Thank you.
  • Frix
    I really appreciate the honesty and transparency. Such a crazy event, and something to look out for.
  • Hack Daddy
    This entire video is golden. Your candor is astounding. Your relationship with Dbrand is perfect. And your responses to your community and staff are unprecedented . I couldnt be happier to have you as one of the few people im subscribed to. Proving every post why it was a good decision. Please keep being the awesome person you are Linus
  • GOD
    What's wild is that this can happen to literally any of us.. but when it happens to us, we (the average person) probably won't ever get our stuff back because we're nobodies in the grand scheme of things.