Melanie Martinez - DEATH (Official Audio)

Published 2023-03-16
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  • Zafirah Javed
    can we appreciate the fact that melanie has never once given us bad music?
  • Ayva
    i think its absolutely beautiful how she created an entire story with her online character , crybaby was in the beginning a “baby” and then she went to k-12 in where she died , therefore bringing on this new character , i jus wanna know what she will name this and how she will show it in concerts , absolutely beautiful melanie , i love you
  • d011p4rtz
    why am I crying? this really sounds like the transition from life to death. Just lost my grandmother a few months ago and I imagine it sounds surreal and this is really artistic and surreal itself
  • Ranbir Ro
    If the chorus is removed from the song it’s literally the darkest lullaby I heard and would make the song gothic pop.

    I get an evanescence fallen vibe in the darker parts of the song it’s truly haunting.

    The chorus is the only thing that lightens the mood
  • The fact that this song starts with the word ‘death’ and Womb starts with ‘life’ is such a cool detail
  • Eder Ruiz
  • starry
    facts: the song is very calming.
  • Anny Dantas
    "When you aren't around, I sink into the ground
    I try to pretend I'm closer to you
    Never understand it
    You're always on my mind, I cannot help it"

    This hits SUPER close to me, I've just lost one of my newborn puppies, she was my baby. I'm trying to be strong for her brothers, sisters, and her mama. Love you forever, my Mini. Thank you, Melanie, your music touched my heart as it has always 💕
  • Isimpforyou
    I’ve been crying to this song for like 15 minutes 😭
  • 💗devin💗
    I want to take a moment and talk about this new era of Melanie's.

    First off I want to say Melanie hasn't "changed". Melanie is the same person she's always been, her character Cry Baby has just evolved. Second the music this era is maybe the most authentic music we've gotten from Melanie as it is self produced. If you simply don't like the new sound/look that is completely fine, you can go back and listen to/watch the songs from her previous albums, they aren't gone. If you are a fan of Melanie you will respect her decision to create the type of art she wants to create 🧚🏼‍♀️💗
  • Eli?
    I just watched the movie again. I love how portals intertwines with K-12. Crybaby always explained that she’s never scared of death. I love how this song intertwines with that meaning.

    Another thing I love is the fact that Melanie always has a story with her music. It’s not just music, it’s a whole series. It gives us something to theorize about while we don’t have that much information.

    I really do hope we get another movie with portals. It would be such an amazing sequel with K-12.

    Love you Mel <3
  • Timepiece 3001
    DEATH - 100%
    MELANIE - 100%
    VISUAL - 100%
    VOCALS - 100%
    LYRICS- 100%
    DRUMS- 100%
    TALENT - 100%
  • Luan Dakota
    This song was released 6 days after my grandpa's death I'm sad I couldn't listen to it with him but it did get released on the right time and helped me grief thank you Melanie your songs are awesome and I wouldn't have known what to do if this song wasn't released on the day it did💗💗
  • slimebot
    I have to admit, the character she uses is both terrifying, unsettling, and the most mythical thing i've ever seen. I'm so proud of the development you've gone through Melanie. It makes me so happy to see just how far you've come. Thank you, for everything
  • Emily_ _mi
    Вы не поверите, как я скучала по Мелани!! Я думала, что этот момент никогда не настанет, но она здесь со своей прекрасной песней Т³Т
  • Denalyn Price
    Esse álbum está IMPECÁVEL!!!!!!!
    Eu estava na abstinência de ouvir esse Álbum e aqui estou eu, matando minha abstinência! Kkkkk
  • Julek :}
    Like idk y’all but moon cycle is so good, the “yah” sounds so comfident 🛐
  • Rainy Lps
    People say this new album is so different from the others but it still give off the classic Mel vibes like the others. It has the weird vibes like always and that’s why I love Mel and their songs
  • emirrrr
    melanie’s transformation is truly stunning. i love how all of her old videos are now have the thumbnail of rip crybaby