Food Theory: Logan Paul is LYING About Prime!

Published 2023-03-14
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Logan Paul and KSI’s new business endeavor, Prime, is taking the world by STORM as the official sports hydration drink of the UFC and Arsenal fútbol club. People of all ages are loving the flavorful taste. But there’s something off about the whole thing. Is it actually healthy? And can this REALLY be better than Gatorade? Let’s break down everything you need to know about Prime!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Stephanie Patrick
Editors: Jerika (NekoOnigiri) and Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi
Sound Designer: Yosi Berman
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All Comments (21)
  • MrBeast
    1:08 that’s not accurate, we did way more then that lol
  • Lionfire42
    I find it hilarious how MatPat, usually trying to be neutral and/or encouraging party, absolutely draws a line at Logan Paul.
  • Josh Bibb
    Imagine that, gatorade and powerade, who have been around forever, actually did their homework for real replenishment
  • DaddyVet3D
    I love taste tests. The problem is the lack palette cleansing between tastes. It makes it hard to differentiate between them
  • Showycolt63
    The interesting thing many people don't realize is that the drinks with a higher sodium content taste saltier due to the fact that the body doesn't need the extra sodium. If you taste a Gatorade before and after a high intensity workout or activity that burns a lot of electrolytes the flavor will be drastically different. Personally after a soccer game I always tasted Gatorade as quite a sweet drink and not very salty at all.
  • nova
    Prime’s electrolyte ratio is even more interesting because Potassium lowers (encourages your body to pee out) Sodium. So whatever little Sodium is in Prime is getting kicked out. I personally always loved the salty flavor of Gatorade/Powerade 😅.
  • Pride A.
    Just a shout out to the editors, they absolutely killed it with the graphics this episode. Fantastic fantastic job.
  • Maya
    I love how Matt can make a nutrition label of a couple sports drink feel like a suspenseful drama-filled movie. 😂🍿🎬
  • Matt Dean
    I do high interval training so I sweat alot. Only cold drink I could get at the time was a prime and it honestly made me feel worse. There is a reason why Gatorade has been #1 for this long and why every fitness powder drink for working out has sodium.
  • Fonso Huggins
    I love what Matt is doing with this channel as well as Style Theory. Always wondered how you could continuously produce videos in completely different genres in the same game and film theory style ❤
  • V M
    As a doctor, my first thought as soon as I saw Prime's electrolyte breakdown was "well that's quite useless"😂
    I was just waiting for you to get to it.
    Also, I'm presuming they're using some other sweetener that's not straight up sugar cuz no way 2g of sugar is making half a litre of a drink taste "sweet"
  • EpicJ103
    We need the sequel! Let’s see the theorist crew try to make a better (most optimal) drink to best Prime/Gatorade.Similar to the burger episode but with drinks in a way.
  • David Almeida
    Also regarding the sugar in Gatorade and Powerade, the sugar is there for a reason, its not necesarily a bad thing to have more sugar. The sugar helps increase ur energy levels intra and post workout, which is very important. Also the sugar is there to counteract the sodium, to make the drink taste better, something prime doesnt need because it has little sodium
  • Romano G.
    Steph’s reaction to the Prime caught me off guard and I loved it 😂💀
  • KSB1992
    A big part of the reason that prime tastes so sweet is that acesulfame potassium is a relatively common artificial sweetener. Prime has heaps of it so it gives it its surprisingly sweet taste while also pumping up the potassium and electrolyte number even though what your body mostly needs to replenish electrolytes lost due to sweating is sodium and a modest amount of sugar.
  • Maverick D
    I’ve been a lover of body armor for a few years now. Always grabbing it over Gatorade or Powerade. This video has probably changed which drink I’ll consume while lifting and running. I think I’m gonna make the switch back to Gatorade
  • MoonCSGO
    They did contribute the whole sweetness thing to being just the lack of sodium when in reality it's the insane amount of sucralose which is a non-sugar sweetener that has an insanely sweet taste, a lot of people find the taste to be too sweet or syrupy and even repulsive. Great video but that would be a great part to add!
  • IamFat
    I love how mat’s instinct at this point is just “it’s logan paul, he has to be lying in some way”
  • That Red Cat
    another thing about comparing to Gatorade is there a sugar-free one they could have compared against. Also, calories in a workout drink are not bad, they help you stay energized during your workout. Without carbohydrates, you get exhausted way faster.
  • The fact that he got through the whole episode without saying 'it's what plants crave' proves that MatPat has far more restraint than I.