Sleep Well Tonight🌙 ASMR

Published 2023-05-24
Hi everyone! It's Latte :)
In this video I will help you to sleep well tonight.
I hope you enjoy and have a relaxing time with this video.
Good night!

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  • Diekje
    Latte uploading a new video always feels like receiving an unexpected little present
  • Serendipity
    Latte's natural mouth sounds as she speaks are seriously what gives me the most tingles, only she can make it sound so good
  • leigh
    to Latte and the others watching this : I wish you a blessed night and a safe tomorrow <3
  • Rook Spellman
    Latte, you are amazing! I've been listening to your videos for about a year and a half now. You're the only ASMRtist I listen to because you're literally the best! I do sometimes listen to your videos when I'm trying to fall asleep, but I'll also just listen to them to relax or to focus on something, like coding.

    Thanks for all of the effort you put into your videos! You really are helping so many people - I can definitely say that you've had a positive impact on my overall mental health and wellbeing. Wishing you the best!
  • Leah Smith
    Is it just me or does it seem like we saw a slightly different side of Latte in this video? I noticed it most starting around 27:27 during the hair brushing. She seemed more relaxed and expressive than I feel like I'm used to seeing! I've always enjoyed just listening to Latte talk, but this time it felt like I was listening to a close friend. Whether something is different or not, this was a really comforting video and I can't wait to watch it again and again!
  • Galaxy
  • Sylvain Foxx
    5 mins in and it’s at 1.1k views. So amazed. Latte’s so good at her craft she’ll put all 1100 of us to sleep.
  • Jose
    This is my favorite bedtime video. Thank you, Latte!
  • Nnayu
    Don't forget to put your like before starting the video 😅
    Goodnight everyone and also here some love for Latte and you all 💜💜
  • Emerson Dobrindt
    too whoever is watching this:
    - you are amazing
    - I'm so proud of you
    - no matter what you did today, you did great
    - take care of yourself
    - have a wonderful night and sleep well
  • Thurs
    Latte is the master of personal attention! She is SO GOOD at knowing how to make it feel like she's actually touching the areas on your face she's describing! Best in the business
  • Bizzy Lizzy
    Hii, so, new latte vid means more timestamps so here they are! 🌸FINISHED!🌸
    0:00 - 0:53 intro
    0:54 - 3:17 removing your makeup
    3:18 - 5:49 using a foam cleanser to clean your face completely
    5:50 - 7:09 washing off the cleanser with warm water
    7:10 - 7:44 drying your face
    7:45 - 8:10 lil chat
    8:11 - 9:43 moisturizing your face
    9:44 - 12:25 massaging your face
    12:26 - 13:53 using a puff to tap the extra oils on your face
    13:54 - 15:26 applying a moisture balm on your face, neck, and shoulders
    15:27 - 17:26 massaging the tense neck and shoulder muscles
    17:27 - 19:32 looking at your face snd ears with a flashlight
    19:33 - 22:27 using a fluffy tool to remove your earwax
    22:28 - 23:02 applying some lip balm
    23:03 - 25:53 putting sleep oil on your face
    25:54 - 26:49 stretching your arms
    26:50 - 30:30 brushing your hair
    30:31 - 32:25 putting a soft, thin blanket on you
    32:26 - 34:20 brushing your face
    34:21 - 34:37 sweet dreams, goodnight, and sleep well! 😴
  • I love how Latte has recently made videos where she is wearing little/no makeup! It's just a little detail that I think makes her roleplays so much more realistic, and gives off the "best friend taking care of you" vibe :)
  • bigsoftienergy
    Latte always coming to the rescue when I can't fall asleep ❤️
  • 🇯🇵タイムスタンプ🇯🇵

    00:01 スタート「まだ眠くないあなたの睡眠のお手伝い」
    00:52 「メイクを落とそう」
    01:14 シートで顔全体のメイクを落とす
    03:18 洗顔フォーム(泡)で汚れを完全に落とす
    04:28 ブラシで泡を優しくクルクル
    05:51 お湯で泡を流す
    07:10 タオルで水気をとる
    07:45 「顔が綺麗になった。メイクも落とせた。肌が乾燥しているので保湿していく。」
    08:26 顔全体にオイルを塗布する
    09:40 顔のオイルマッサージをする
    12:26 スポンジで余分なオイルを除去する(タッピング)
    13:53 保湿バームを顔全体と首に塗る
    15:11 「凝りがあるので首と肩にもバームを塗る」
    15:27 マッサージする「かなり凝っている。強めに押す。筋肉をギュッと握る」
    17:27 光で肌と目の状態を見る
    18:15 「バームを塗ったけどまだ唇が少し乾いている」
    18:30 耳の中を光で照らして見る「少し耳垢がある。」
    19:33 耳垢をとる
    21:31 耳に息を吹きかける
    21:42 梵天で綺麗にする
    22:28 リップバーム(自然の香り)を塗る
    23:04 スリープオイルを綿棒に付けて顔と肩に塗る
    25:42 ストレッチ「首と肩に凝りがあるので腕を動かしてストレッチする」
    26:46 寝る時間なのでブラシで髪を梳かす
    30:32 「もう寝る時間だよ」
    30:36 ブランケットを触って(スクラッチ)かけてくれる
    32:26 ブラシで顔を撫でる

  • Yetr
    The sigh of relief I let out when I got this notification. It’s been a rough afternoon. After getting some heartbreaking bad news, I can’t wait to relax to this later on. ❤
  • Carolina Mie
    Her face massages are incredible... It seems so realistic because she doesn't makes random movements, she simulates it like she's touching a specific part of your face, I love that!
  • Zuzi ASMR
    Latte is my safe haven. No doubts I ALWAYS play her videos when I need to relax. Thank you Latte! face-red-heart-shape
  • Latte is a lifesaver! Whether it’s insomnia or anxiety or migraine or needing a friend she cures it all! Can’t thank you enough!