WE'RE HAVING A BABY! + Telling Our Friends And Family

Published 2023-05-23
Thanks for watching! This is such an important time in our lives and can't thank you enough for all the love and support we have been shown these past couple of weeks.
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  • All of us O2L girl and boy oldies are here cheering you on. CONGRATULATIONS!
  • leonnaa :
    i cried when he showed Jc , a rush of emotions came in. I’ve been supporting Kian since o2l started and it’s soooo heart warming to see this 😭
  • bofooit gojo
    I love how close knit this friend group is it’s so sweet to see that this child will be raised by a community of people.
  • All I could picture throughout this video was Corey’s reaction. I know he would have been jumping around hugging you with tears in his eyes. He’s so proud of you Kian💙
  • Amy Lee
    JC saw the home video camera and was ready to cry. As a producer content creator genius he just KNEW what was coming. All the reactions are so cute. Her moms was the best. Like shes worried nervous anxious excited for her daughter. Such a queen.
  • Sabika R
    im sobbing i was 12 when i started watching o2l and now in my 20s i still don't go a day without watching kian and jc. to think they've helped me heal my inner child so much and now kian's having one of his own, this is so so special. kian and ayla you two are going to be such amazing parents <3
  • Faith Giron
    Everyone saying they BOTH will make great parents makes me so happy. This baby is going to be so loved by everyone 🥹🫶🏼
  • Addie Carroll
    i instantly started crying seeing how happy and supportive everyone was. i love this type of happy crying
  • hueo far
    3 minutes in, I ADORE how much Ayla’s mom loves Kian. That was so sweet how he held her and she asked if he was okay
  • Jordan rechner
    bobby and jc’s reaction has me balling. congratulations i’m crying like a little baby right now i love you both
  • jules olaguer
    the gender reveal teaser at the end got me. seeing bobby & fran & jc in this was everythigng. so great to see all the love & support yall have.
  • I’m literally a crying mess!😭 watching Kian go from a wild teenager to a father is seriously so surreal. Been following your journey for so long Kian and I can’t even put into words how happy I am for you and Ayla. You are both going to be such incredible parents. This baby is going to be so so loved by so many people. Love you guys so much! Congratulations again🥹💕💕
    I can't help but to think of Corey in those big moments, I'm sure he would have been so happy for you two. Congratulations 💙
  • Misty Grixti
    kian and jc literally raised me, im so happy kian youre going to be a wonderful dad!!!!!!!
  • Em
    I’ve been watching Kian and JC for over 6 years and this is amazing. Congrats!!
  • edith montoya
    cant believe i’ve watched kian and his weird ass best friend since 2015, i am so proud of him and genuinely jumping up and down for this new chapter in his life. kian, i’ve looked up to you as i know many more have for your kindness and your compassion. you’re an incredible human and your little one couldn’t have better parents than the two of you and the village you guys have. CONGRATULATIONS on becoming a real crack dad without the crack🥹🥹 WE LOVE YOU ENDLESSLY<3333!!!
  • L PJM
    its insane and beautiful to witness Kian growing up and becoming a dad, while JC has been by his side all along. My heart 💜 congrats kian and ayla wow
  • Naadirah
    the way i was crying throughout this video. Ayla's mom hugging Kian so tightly and everyones reactions just did it for me
  • Mariah Hodge
    Literaly sobbing, watching kian growing up and now seeing him become a dad and knowing this baby is gonna be loved by so many great people makes me the happiest person in the world, congrats Kian & Ayla 🥹😍
  • Olivia Kozielec
    it was instant waterworks at jc’s reaction i’m literally so happy for you guys