We Helped Paralyzed Dogs Run Again

Published 2023-09-17
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Michael, and his amazing team do so much to help these dogs, but there are still thousands of strays that need help. Please visit tmtrd.org/ to donate, or click the donate button to help us to support our furry friends around the world.

Special thanks for the incredible song:

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Filmed and Edited by: Dan Mace ( ​⁠@DanMace )

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All Comments (21)
  • Recently my family's dog passed away. RIP Sunny. We still love you so much. ❤ Glad to see Jimmy and team helping these dogs.
  • I wish there was a way we could collab and help all the dogs 🤔
  • Micheal is the definition of don’t judge a book by its cover. He may be tough but he truly is kind hearted
  • @Mag_sev
    Какой же щедрый человек,и настолько все ролики трогательные 🥹🙏🏻
    Спасибо большое, Джимми что делаешь мир лучше и собачкам ❤
  • I work in animal rescue and you actually managed to make me cry. These sorts of miracles don't happen in our line of work. They really don't. It's constant hurdles, fundraising, exhaustion.... for usually no pay at all. You've done so so much more than you realize, you've helped way more than 'just' the thousands of dogs in Thailand. Even more, you've given ALL of us rescuers around the world hope to keep going, keep fighting, keep the dream alive. Thanks, Jimmy. I needed this today.
  • @ove4ka
    Это так мило и печально, спасибо спонсорам(покупайте орешки), Джимми и его команде за помощ приюту❤
  • @temp5782
    If you see the tattooed, bearded man cry, you know you did something good to his dog.
  • My dog passed away on August 15th, after having to be put down and relieved from the pain cancer was causing her... 💔
    Seeing Jimmy and his team on Beast Philanthropy helping out this rescuer and all these dogs; it beings a smile to my face.

    I wish Michael and his team all the best in helping and rescuing all current dogs and future dogs yet to come, and I hope the dogs have a chance to have a happy and healthy life! 💖
  • I didn't know I would cry so much for this video. Thank you so much for your kind heart, Michael and the Beast Crew.
  • I’m a machinist that works for a company that makes wheel chairs for cats dogs and anything with legs. And seeing stuff like this really gives me hope for the future of all animals. Thanks beast
  • Thank you so much for doing this, seeing his response shows that’s he is a caring person that really loves helping those dogs. ❤
  • @kingrgames
    If you thought that he was just supporting Humans, you’d be wrong. Jimmy has helps animals. What a legend.
  • @117brek
    Well I’m crying YET AGAIN!!! Glad Dan got to go along too! Michael is literally an ANGEL.
  • @RRReq
    Biggest respect to Michael and jimmy. Thank you to everyone who participated ❤ may god bless all
  • @samwaynes1324
    I’m not crying , you are. 😭

    Jimmy don’t ever stop! you are amazing! ❤
  • @TH3_D3N
    The work Jimmy and his crew puts in is immeasurable, I'm so thankful that they do what they do.
  • @Prestigigator
    I'm glad Jimmy finally upload over 8 minutes video here!
  • THIS should be the most followed and supported channel on YouTube. I wish you'd advertise this channel more on your main channel. You are doing the work we all wish that we could do. Keep doing the Lord's work Jimmy ❤️