Why We're Gone?

Published 2023-09-17
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Where have we been?? This is where! Around the world and back- missed you all.

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Our Journey! How did we get here?
In the winter of 2019 we moved in to our self built van full time to begin living, working and travelling Canada. We quickly fell in love with chasing our dreams of adventuring off the beaten path, living off grid and being self sustaining. We drove our van thousands of miles through various countries-Canada, USA, Mexico & Guatemala. All of which we documented here on our channel, be sure to check that out! After many years on the open road we found ourselves 15 acres of remote woods on the East Coast of Canada where we are building a homestead and renovating our fully off the grid cabin. We are diving into this chapter of our lives in no experience, we're so happy we can bring you all along as we learn to do it all with our own two hands. Thank you for being here with us for cabin life, van life and all the in between!

3+ Years of Van life with 2 dogs
Off- Grid Living at our Cabin in the woods

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MUSIC: Brought to you by Music Bed- Elevate your films & projects with better music share.mscbd.fm/vanwives​​​​​​​​

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All Comments (21)
  • @Vanwives
    this is where we have been the last two Sundays!!!!!! Missed you all 💛 anyone else feel like crystal at 16:20? See you NEXT Sunday
  • @Debber0401
    Just a heads up…when using the weedwacker, don’t forget to wear eye protection. Many times I’ve felt things fly back and hit my face just below my glasses and was so grateful that had them on!! Stay safe!
  • @swearnhelps
    I hop we see Max soon. I can’t wait until you girls go visit him at his cabin.
  • They joy of time well spent recharging is evident. You both look reenergized and ready to take on all the fall projects 🤩
  • We missed you guys. You’ve become a huge part of my Sunday routine. Hope your time away was as amazing as it looked
  • @rossbrown1748
    It’s good to see you two and Tal and Mads together again
  • @mrs.p6128
    Hoping you’re safe during the hurricane and you were very much missed - welcome back!!!
  • I’m glad you guys had a lovely holiday ❤ also very happy you’ve returned to the cabin! Happy Sunday ~ missed y’all 🐾
  • I am so happy to have my girl's back I have truly missed each of you! Happy to see you take a well deserved break. You two work so hard. Everything is looking fabulous. I can't wait to see the siding complete. It's absolutely amazing all you have accomplished in such a short time. I admire the work ethics you both have. See you next week! Much love ❤
  • @kimbryant295
    It’s important to put down your camera sometimes and just BE! So happy y’all got some special time to spend with friends ❤
  • @James_71
    I have missed you guys so much. Glad your back. 😊❤
  • So glad you had a good break! You look rested and happy. 👭❤❤🐕🐕
  • Your Spanish immersion reminds me of my experience with German. My family has a strong German background. But, as I started to learn German in school, I realized my father had his own dialect. And, my mother’s dialect was mixed due to her maternal grandparents having come from different parts of Germany. When I was 17 my high school choir toured Europe. I became quite comfortable with the German language. Currently my German has become very rusty due to age and lack of use. I can still sing in German all day long, but that’s another story.
  • @Snuff1989
    I just have to go back and watch this from the beginning when this adventure started in 2021, just binge watch for days! ☺️😍 You girls are just Amazing, love sundays!
  • @marks1926
    Hope you guys and property did ok with the hurricane, I think it was close to your home yesterday.
  • I'm glad you guys were able to take a break. It's hard to believe that you could get anymore passionate about your projects, but I think your enthusiasm has been rejuvenated.
    🌲🏡🌳🐾 ♥️
  • don't worry about Tyler and Todd when they get to sipping on their home-made wine, they get liquid courage too !! You sing just the way your body wants you to sing!! 🐾
  • A hero’s welcome from the pups. I adore this! Also, I love seeing you with Clementine. We have a Kubota as well and I’m a 62 year old Nana who enjoys working with ours out on our 32 acre mountain property near Yosemite, California. I don’t know how we would manage this land without him. His name is Hal, (short for Halloween - the orange and black holiday). I love your channel!
  • @jmk1962
    You can tell you guys had a great holiday. You seem extra relaxed in this video and full of enthusiasm. Love the new steps.