Uncle Roger Review OG UNCLE Mongolian Beef (Martin Yan)

Published 2023-09-17
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Uncle Roger is the creation of comedian Nigel Ng.

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All Comments (21)
  • @revtoyota
    The one motto I will always remember from my childhood is "If Yan can cook, so can you!". The man is a legend.
  • I lived in Myanmar, a third-world country with a strict connection with the rest of the world. Yet I still remember his catch phrase "If Yan can cook, so can you". Legend!
  • @fozziebear786
    Thank you for featuring Martin Yan. I grew up watching him in the 80s in Trinidad. So many people don't know this awesome man. You've inspired me to go back and watch his old episodes.
  • @neoteucer
    4-5 year old me never missed a chance to see Yan when he came on, on my local PBS station he was right after Seasame Street and at first my mom would try to change it over to some other kids' show but I always threw a fit, I LOVED Yan Can Cook. I didn't grow up to be a professional chef like I wanted, but he helped me to be a pretty good home cook!
  • @t0mlee11
    I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Martin Yan when I was helping teach at a high school last year. He's still just as witty and charismatic as he has always been. He even took a picture with me. Nice guy, he was showing a variety of students how to make various dishes and adding a bit of his own pizazz to it.
  • @uqox
    I teared up. I watched him to learn how to cook in general. He was so straightforward about the ease of cooking. Loved his show.
  • @Rokakaka
    Yan cooking wasn't the only good thing about him, his personality and how entertaining he is as well
  • Martin Yan was the inspiration for me becoming a chef, such an amazing man and chef. I remember the episode after his son was born they carried him on to the set in a giant wok so Martin could introduce him to the world.
  • @rainie22rs
    I met Martin Yan at my culinary school’s graduation ceremony. Such a good human being. He even told me the secret to a delicious Xiao Ling Bao. Just the Best!
    I hope Martin and Uncle Roger can do a collaboration.
  • Martin Yan had the skills and charisma to make me watch a cooking show as a 10 year old. Martin Yan is indeed the OG.
  • I love how Nigel casually insults the Chinese government with the credit score and Taiwan stab 😂 such an underrated move!
  • @jhpak
    Yan didn't cook to show off his skills, he cooked to inspire us. A legend
  • @klayd2929
    This guy inspired so many children across the world to learn how to cook. Simply marvelous seeing and hearing clips from his show!
  • I loved watching Martin Yan on PBS in the eighties. I enjoyed his humor and how he did the food. He made it look less alien and is a good reason for Asian food making mainstream wayback in the day. I still have his cookbook; The Yan Can Cook Book.
  • @robswander1
    Met Martin purely by random chance my first week of Culinary School in San Francisco. He was recording a special at one of the cooking stores. He was the nicest person you could imagine. Let my friends and I hang out and watch the shoot. At the end he gave us some great tips and advice.
  • I met this man a few months ago at a culinary conference. Was such a pleasure. He taught me so much.
  • As a kid I loooooved watching Yan can cook!! Never missed an episode
  • I was lucky enough to meet and interview Mr. Yan back in the 2000s. He's a friend's Uncle (really) and he was gracious enough to let us bother him for a couple of hours. Mr. Yan was an incredible guy - nice, knowledgeable, and a force of nature. I was really impressed at his breadth of knowledge - from production, to business, to cooking. One of the highlights of my career.
  • What a great tribute. I always enjoyed Martin Yan when I was trying to grasp basic cooking skills, and he always held a special place in my heart. His fantastic technique along with his you can do it delivery really resonated with me. He’s a master.