[BE ORIGINAL] ENHYPEN(엔하이픈) 'Bite Me' (4K)

Published 2023-05-24

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  • Veronica Hill
    The choreography fits the song so perfectly, it was the best decision to include the female dancers. It fits their concept so much! It’s a breath of fresh air in the kpop industry.
  • nyom
    im actually in love with this choreography, is hypnotizing
  • luxxv
    Belift, ignore the weird fans that say female dancers weren’t supposed to be added, they’re just delulu and all. This was perfect. The choreo is perfect, it was real smooth, specially by adding female dancers.

    Final note- Stan ENHYPEN <3
  • otaku life
    I’m not even an enhypen fan but this song SLAPS. SO.FUCKING. HARD. and the freaking choreo is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
  • Arunnia Justicia
    everytime i saw them dancing with the female dancer. i only think about one word... "EXPENSIVE". idk why, they're all look so gorgeous, the choreo fit the song perfectly. and made it looks so expensive and fancy
    The female dancers are just so breathtaking like, they really exude the femme fatale energy that compliments the boys' edginess and darkness.
  • don’t you dare change this choreography, belift. It’s just as perfect as it possible. don’t listen to immature fans. Guys, dancers, staff - they all did an amazing job preparing for this comeback. I’m very proud of y’all. Stan enhypen
    enhypen world domination 🫶🏼
  • asti ninda
    They're choreography and the female dancers made the song feel more lifelike and completely hypnotic. Can't stop and won't stop to see this performance again and again.
  • vip mint
    The part choreographed by NI-KI is very impressive. He is a talented maknae and I am very proud of him. and dance genius🎉
  • 士和
  • This comeback slayed!! Let's show more support to our boys, they deserve it, they worked so hard and it shows!!
  • Bad_Karma
    I love the female dancers in this!! It’s adds so much maturity and sensuality to the song, GREAT JOB ENHYPEN!
  • Lila Isabella
    Reminder: you are a fan. Stay in your place. You will never date or marry them. You don't own them, they are not your property. The choreography is amazing, they aren't little boys, these are grown men. Adding women to it gave it passion and color! Also, true musicians and artists change their sound.

    Pleased appreciate the hard work and effort put into this era. They deserve praise, not stupidity and petty jealousy. If you dont like it, acroll away and block, stop stanning and make room for other stans.

    Edit: this many likes!! Thank you.
  • るいぴー
  • Sarah Pink
    The girls elevate the choreography. I can’t imagine it without them. SLAY
  • Biu
    This choreo looks so elegant and sexy!! Goddam this is beautiful a literal breath of fresh air
  • wako
  • amna.
    Niki's dancing is literally perfection - it's so mesmerising and elegant when he dances
  • Yuki