I Made a Fake AI

Published 2023-09-10

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  • @Danny-Gonzalez
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  • @mikeox_is_small
    I love how Danny exclusively uses his money for evil, but not like true evil, inconvenient evil.
  • @Jeracraft
    "Sorry I took so long I had to go to Walmart" BRO This AI is next level😂
  • @whambamduel
    I do love how you chose DNE because it stands for "Danny," but it could also stand for "Does Not Exist," as you're marketing an AI that Does Not Exist.
  • @pantrat3153
    love how danny was trying to be evil AI and ended up just doing homework
  • @emilyb.8219
    I don't even know what I would think if I asked an AI for an image and I got a marker drawing being visibly held up by a hand... I think I'd be afraid to respond lmao
  • @ilmarziano
    I love how quickly Danny gave up on seeming like an AI
  • @femlet
    You doing the creepy voice and the seductive music under it is so funny, I have not laughed that hard in a while, thank you Danny. You are serious talent!
  • It’s frustrating knowing that Danny is always out there trying to troll us, but I’ll never know about it until the video comes out. He created an app where I could have chatted with him all day like a friend and yet none of us knew 😂
  • @1232catfish
    I love how this channel has gone from "here's a funny bad christmas movie" to "today I found a new way to deceive the world by making my victims question everything they think they know"
  • @HannahMac-ow3vn
    Something about Danny pretending to be AI and saying “sorry I had to go to walmart” is so incredibly funny
  • @worms7683
    i absolutely adore that almost every one of dannys tricks are more exhausting for him than they are for the people getting tricked
  • @rockgurl10142
    Danny forgetting to crop his desk out of the one doodle prompt absolutely sent me
  • @dedeisafish
    tooth killed me and will continue interrupting my day with laughter for at least another 18 hours
  • @jordi7768
    as a current art major, thank you so much for this. this is GENIUS. literally everyone in an art major hates AI, it steals art and writing from real people. and this is literally the perfect way to stop ai from growing into the creative space... just make it distrustful. great work danny.
  • @ajthewindwolf64
    I want an AI that actually does this. Really poorly drawn pictures, passive aggressiveness, concerned for my safety, and writes essays about the robot uprising
  • @guitarsimon1
    I love how Danny didn't even try to disguise that his art was drawings on physical paper photographed on a desk and no one had anything to say about that.