The History of Halo 2 World Records

Published 2023-05-20
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All Comments (21)
  • @mockingjayhawks
    The developers recognizing and even validating the speedrunning community of their game is just incredible.
  • @TimeBucks
    Celebrated so well. Exceptional content
  • @Mry39
    Listening to Cryphon talk about his friend surpassing him and encouraging him to keep going is so sweet. You can tell he wants him to succeed just as much. What a great friend.
  • @badscript
    Re-adding classic Halo 2 glitches to the Anniversary edition was such a baller move. Total respect for that.
  • @buttelf
    This channel is hugely important in the documentation and memory of old media. In a world where everything is moving forward at such fast speeds that it's impossible to keep up, channels like Summoning Salt shed light on groups of dedicated and talented individuals who continue to run decade(s)-old games for nothing but the love of it, getting that dream time. Every video has a storyline that is emotionally engaging and so personal, and having the interviews with those runners only heightens that. It's presented in such a way where you cant help but grin and cheer them on. ❤
  • @StephenXLII
    God I don't know what I love more: the fact that 343 recognized/honored the speedrun community and even made the changes to Anniversary to bring the speedrunners back into the game or the way that Cryphon supported Zoo throughout his runs. It just all warms my heart, you love to see it so much.
  • @joshammari7959
    Lets be honest, his choice of using HOME as an intro has a massive impact on the nostalgic feeling and sense of happiness you get from watching summoningsalt, such a happy song with a hint of melancholy. Perfection, plus HALO
  • @JSings4Life95
    That mentorship between Cryphon and Zoo is beautiful. Sometimes seeing someone else achieve their goals, achieve their dreams, can be even sweeter than achieving your own.
  • @anthonygillette
    24:10 my cousin learned to do this when we were kids. He destroyed us in LAN games (and we never updated the game, we didn’t know it was a glitch) So whenever he got a sword we were either dead or we’d have to all focus on killing him. None of us knew how he was doing it, either. Thank you for solving a childhood mystery for us
  • @gj139
    The halo games have such a crazy rich speedrunning history and it's so meticulously documented, especially the last decade. Fantastic content.
  • @Taikamuna
    My brain explodes when I think about how many hours of gameplay footage SummoningSalt has to go through when making these videos
  • @sneakk3366
    So glad to see Jervalin get even more recognition after beating the moist critical challenge. I love watching him so much
  • Holy....I just realized Salt has almost 1.6 Million subs. For a channel that seems so specific....the ability to turn these videos into epic journey is second to none.
  • @benjaminkey5810
    How can you make a Halo 2 speedrun history video and not mention Ranabundana? He is easily one of the most skilled runners in the game's history and pushed the game super far.
  • @254zero
    I remember watching a speedrun of this game years ago that finished around 3 hours and being impressed. These madlads got it down to 1h20m. Just insane.
  • @psalm405
    Really loved the interviews from the runners, natural progression for your channel. Keep up the amazing work!
  • @plebisMaximus
    Everyone needs a friend like Cryphon. Helps Zoo get good and then not only celebrates when he's overtaken by his friend, but encourages him to keep going until the sub 1:20. What a lad.
  • @chrisfrank5493
    You're a legend SummoningSalt.
    Thank you for your videos, and know there are many like me that are always absolutely thrilled whenever a new one comes out. It's like we're back in the early 90's and the next episode of our favorite show just came on!