We Upgraded our Homemade Bike Camper!

Published 2023-09-16

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  • Make a pop-up roof, like it's done in other campers, because it is a really good thing!
    With it, you can lower the center of mass & adds an extra space when needed!

    And also you can install solar panels, to charge your battery
  • So glad I got to paint your super sick bike camper!! SUCH A FUN EXPERIENCE WITH YOU GUYS!
  • @NightFlow23
    I just really appreciate all the hard work you guys do just for our entertainment! keep it up bros!
  • Next idea; make the tires tubeless with inner foam protection.
  • A few additions that would make yhis more amazing is a small portable solar panel, a tent like awning to give u a bit more space if u wanted, and a mesh net to hold stuff in the top part, as just a few very basic upgrades
  • Love the video and the upgrades look great! Your video style has evolved over the years as you guys get older but you always find ways to entertain, which is the goal. Appreciate all the effort!
  • @k-joker828
    The battery swap on that grinder was impressive
  • @Vexdin
    Jeff and Chris, congrats bros. This was just absolutely amazing, the amount of work that went into this really shows. Hoping you can do a similar challenge with Rob one day.
  • @Drknite019
    That weld line was a little wobbly in places but looked solid. Good work man. Also i feel like if they wanted to the @DangieBros could probably get with an electric bike company and copyright this idea and make these. A few more tweeks and they could be amazing "tiny homes"
  • @crazykids2004
    I'm so happy version 2 got the journey done and you guys got redemption on this project made many upgrades amazing video as always I can't wait for the next one these uncommon storms are getting more dangerous
  • @nymalous3428
    Biking ahead of a hurricane... that's quite... dangerous. Here in New Jersey, we've got hurricane Lee sitting off the coast (well, it's probably at least a hundred miles away... but it's interfering with my supervisor's trip to Bermuda). Looks like you guys had a fun adventure. Keep it up!
  • A few upgrades that could be made if ya'll do another bike camper are a TV, shocks on the wheels, use car ties, and make it street legal. I loved the video.
  • @aye3678
    You guys nailed it with this one! So glad you guys decided to give this challenge another go! Love it!
  • @joshd108
    I’m so glad you guys did this. First one was hilarious. This is no exception. Thanks for the laughs
  • @daniellai518
    Excellent job with all the modifications you guys made to your bike camper! All the hard work y’all put in, thanks for giving us something entertaining to watch. I loved your thought process behind the upgrade
  • This was so much better than the first camper. Wasn't that one a manufactured one? I think this video just proves that well-crafted, hand-made products perform so much better than cheap factory stuff. Keep going with these awesome builds and challenges.
  • HEY Dangie Bros, just WANTED TO SAY - GREAT WORK with all the stuff you guys have been doing. It is the highlight of my day finding you have made another GREAT video. Keep it up😁
  • @dddoda
    I wonder if it would be possible to add an extra wheel on either side of the rear tires (aka "dual rear wheels"), to reduce the pressure on the single tires, hence reduce so many flats. But fantastic little camper you have there! Congrats!🚲
  • Definitely much better than the jerry-rigged camper you made previously! I still enjoy this series.