I Asked 100 Drive Thrus for Banned Items

Published 2023-05-18

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  • @perduct
    petition to have "the fun drink" an actual menu drink at chipotle
  • @Natalia_Ways
    I swear Ryan has the most awkward interactions with every person he meets, it’s fantastic
  • So as an ex arbys employee I can tell you the meat mountain is a legit item it has its own dedicated button on the cash register so that’s why they know what it is lol
  • Ryan should tell a bunch of Chipotle’s about his fun drink, and then people could try to order it to see if the workers know what it is
  • @flareboy2243
    Let’s be honest he definitely made a lot of restaurant workers google the random thing some guy asked for today
  • @bullerjackass
    Ryan Trahan makes me think the world is all love and rainbows. Such a happy and loving guy.
  • I like how he just uses the Taco Bell sound effect for all the restaurants 😂
  • Ryan is so socially awkward with every person he talks with, its amazing
  • Honestly, the Meat Mountain seems like the kind of sandwich you would have to eat and digest like a python. Also love you Deborah, have an awesome day.
  • @beargreen1
    We'll always remember the greatness in triumph he has made. Also, we love you Deborah.
  • Of course Arby’s is gonna have the meat mountain. Its literal slogan is “we have the meats!”
  • @stick6934
    the amout of gas used by ryan to go from drive thru to drive thru must be insane

  • @DakotaaaM
    The butterbear frapp was just made up by either a customer or barista. There are also multiple variations of it. It's not banned nor a secret menu drink; it's just a frap with modifications added to it. We can definitely make it for you but have the ingredients ready when you order because the majority of us won't know what a butterbear frap is including me. :)
    -7 year starbucks barista
  • @Owen123c
    There was a time when someone ordered 2 meat mountains at the same time in an arby's I worked at, and the chefs were really mad because they hated making it.
  • @NominalDingus
    Sorry if this sounds weird, but Ryan is genuinely so cute and sweet sometimes, lmao
  • Does anyone else just like how Ryan’s personality is just so awkward but humorous at the same time?
  • ryan is so original with his personality, I enjoy watching his videos a lot.
  • @kimbeanboo6518
    This made my day! And I had a good day, but for some reason the stock driving footage and your perseverance was the best combo :D