Our Adoption was a Scam

Published 2023-05-23
We still don't understand why someone would do this.
We are heartbroken for now.. but we have hope it will all work out one day.

We love you all so much!


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    Honestly can’t even wrap my head around why someone would do this. I am so sorry you had to go through another heartbreaking trial! My prayers are with you both! You’ll find your missing piece! ❤
  • I have NEVER prayed HARDER for a couple to receive a baby or 2....don't lose HOPE y'all!!!
  • It’s so sickening that someone would do this to MULTIPLE families for no reason. I’m so sorry this happened to you two ❤
  • OK.... FIRST OFF..... THIS IS NOT YOUR FAULT! You shouldn't feel dumb. People do shady, awful things to good, kind-hearted, loving, genuine people all the time. Trust me, it says way more about her character than either of yours. I am so sorry you're hurting and going through this. You didn't do anything wrong & you will be the best parents ever! ❤️
  • @TessiEmily
    I usually never comment but I just wanted to say how sorry I am. This is truly despicable and sickening. You guys will be such amazing parents and love your children with all your hearts. I hope you heal and get through this quickly. As an adopted child, I heard of cases like this, and this woman literally committed a crime legally and morally. Sending love and prayers for you both.
  • I am an adult adopted child (which I am so grateful for), and my adoptive parents specifically chose to go through a private attorney-which was a bit more difficult, but totally took away the ability for scammers to reach them. They were never told or contacted until everything was legally verified & signed. I think it’s something you should consider if that is available in your state. I hope your miracle comes soon and that your hearts heal even sooner❣️
  • @babyxoxo95
    Who thinks this is a crime and she should be charged 🙋‍♀️
  • @jengamboa4958
    I'm an adopted child. I'm 55 now. I love my adoptive parents dearly. I met my bio mother when I was 27. Don't ever stop doing what you're doing. There is a baby out there just waiting for you two.
  • @Tore4
    I went into this video thinking that you guys ignored all the red flags and did a stupid thing … after watching the video I completely changed my mind. You did everything right and should not feel dumb. I pray that God heals your wounds and continues to help you with your journey in having kids.
  • @xxhannah3253
    this is sickening. she should be charged. my prayers are with y’all ❤
  • @troypetrie3261
    Bella and Dillian deserve everything they’ve been trying for over 5 years and now this happens. Hope it gets better 😊
  • @polar9419
    The amount of shit this couple has gone through is heart-wrenching. Words cannot describe how they must feel after going through hell and back so many times, it’s just sickening that some twisted, disgusting excuse for a woman has topped everything off after so many failed pregnancy attempts. These two are so incredibly resilient and strong, please do not give up on your dreams, all of this will be worth it once you have your missing piece of your beautiful family. I’m wishing you, and everyone struggling to have children the very best and that something never happens like this again
  • @rebeccazamolo
    I'm heartbroken that this happened to you. Stay strong, your happily ever after will come and you will be amazing parents. Sending you big hugs
  • Dalan and Bella are such good, loving people who deserve to love a child of their own. They did not deserve this!😢💔
    Sending Prayers for healing🫶
  • I can't even begin to imagine how painful this has been for you both. I pray for healing and for you to find your baby or babies soon.
  • this is beyond sickening, but just know it will all be worth it in the end when someone does choose you guys to be such amazing parents FOR REAL!! hopefully she gets what she deserves and you guys do as well. my heart is with you guys
  • @amyjt35
    I just caught a short that intrigued my curiosity so I found your channel to get the rest of the story. I'm a twin, so stories involving twins always interest me. I am so very sorry for this horrible experience you've had! You two will be wonderful parents and its going to happen! I feel very strongly that you were meant to share this experience to help save others the trauma you've unfortunately experienced even though you were so aware and careful to avoid the possible scams. I can't imagine anything short of a psychological issue that would cause someone to do what this woman did and I hope she gets help. She caused do much heartache and loss with lies simply for her narcissistic need for attention, and has no idea the depth of that pain. It's not right! Keeping your family in my prayers and sending positive vibes of love and light your way. Your babies are special selecting you from their view beside God and I've no doubt he'll send the best blessings of children you deserve soon!
  • @bcnw229
    I’m brand new to your channel, came across a short and came to watch this specific video…. My heart absolutely breaks for you guys! I also had infertility issues for many years, and to imagine what you are feeling right now with this happening, I don’t even have words! I don’t understand why people are so awful and cruel and mean, but you guys hang in there, you will get your family! Don’t give up, keep your head up, and just know when you do get your baby(s), it will all be worth it. The pain and hurt won’t matter anymore!! I’m so sorry you had to go through any of that, my heart and prayers are with y’all! ❤
  • We still can’t believe this happened. Sending you all our love