"I miss the old idubbbz"

Published 2023-05-18
I haven't spoken candidly about my feelings on this channel. It's always been obscured by a video criticizing someone else or some kind of skit. I've changed and matured during my time here on youtube and I am glad that I have.

Here are some charities that I am supporting.

If you want to access content cop videos (for video essays, content cops, reference), im going to make them accessible via unlisted links on this google doc.(docs.google.com/document/d/1KSl9EGIPHhCNxlkMo7nlP5…)


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All Comments (21)
  • @harterism
    I never would have guessed that his final Content Cop would be on himself.
  • I never in a million years did I think it would be idubbbz who set the gold standard for youtube apologies.
  • @NAO-xx4wz
    I love that iDubbz didn't say "I'm not that person anymore", rather he said "When I'm growing up, I start to learn to have more empathy".
  • You either die a filthy frank, or live long enough to see yourself become an idubbbz.
  • @busg6952
    It’s actually so refreshing seeing him specifically mention the shit he used to do instead of tip toeing around it like most YouTubers do
  • It’s nice to see genuine and honest growth in a person who can actually apologize and accept what they’ve done
  • @yodibreeze512
    Props to the dude who predicted he'd content cop himself.
  • @9mas7es97
    Congratulations for maturing so much and trying to be a good person, it's so important that you addressed it the way you did, I hope it reaches to the people who may still have that sense of humor and make them think about it
  • @mrwri
    I've never seen anyone so loved become so hated so quickly who wasn't revealed to be a pedophile.
  • @smallcatmeows
    it’s a tough subject because of how much hatred his community harbored. it’s great to see him grow from what he once was and realize how much harm he was actually causing. i thought i’d never see the day
  • As someone who also grew as a person and used to watch this channel since I got into english-speaking youtube, I agree with iDubbz and I can relate to his experience.
  • @bigdoolong6962
    You’ve got to admit it… Making Ethan go in the sewer was always a great idea.
  • @a.h.i267
    i havent seen this dude since 2016 and i could barely recognize him
    its nice to hear hes changed for better!
  • @B_B_
    I'm so proud of you, Ian!
  • This is awesome. Thank you for being so genuine with us 👍
  • @brbsexting
    im not the intended target for this apology so i cant speak on that, but its refreshing to see you reflecting on your old content - misery breeds misery, so it's cool that you acknowledge the reach you had and consider the effect it had. i'm sure your life will continue to improve if you stay true to this path! :)
  • @xenthies0047
    i cant wait to see what fresh content you have for the future
  • @valb5823
    For what it’s worth, I’ll always remember you as the guy who heard “say something gay”, jumped from the countertop and said “I’m gay”. Genuinely peak of comedy.
  • I'm happy for him. He seems like a genuinely happier and more peaceful person. He doesn't need the cater to his old audience anymore, this is better for him