Deion Sanders: The 2023 60 Minutes Interview

Published 2023-09-17
Coach Deion Sanders is bringing “Prime Time” attitude to the Colorado Buffaloes program, rocketing the Pac-12 team to prominence and making it the unlikely talk of the college football world.

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All Comments (21)
  • @dom1677
    “ Truth is good for kids, we so busy lying, we don’t recognize the truth anymore in society “ Proud of this man. Deion saying what needs to be said
  • Deion Sanders did not abandon the mission of Jackson State. He achieved his mission at Jackson State. He made them relevant, he brought attention to historical black colleges and universities, he raised tens of millions of dollars to assist at that school, and took them two consecutive national championship games. Mission Accomplished
  • @brentm8863
    When coach Prime said “GOD didn’t lead me to a place where I can be successful…HE leaded me to a place that was going to be hard and difficult..” that really is what I needed to hear. Thank you for reminding me coach Prime for that message! I needed to hear it.
  • @ssecruiser
    Superstar as an athlete and now Superstar as a coach. I wish him all the success
  • @raysimones128
    I’m a Ducks fan butI have to tell you this man is showing the world what college football can be .. Respect! .. Thank You SIR!
  • Coach Prime, 18 years removed from being a football player but still changing the game. #Salute
  • @rmooney19
    How can you not like Deion? The man is oozing with confidence and has results to back em up.
  • @SCCCC1
    I didnt even know this show was still on the air. I am here for Prime Time. This country needs a lot more men like him. God bless.
  • @MrJRD827
    For those of you just getting introduced to this man and his personality, he’s been PHENOMENAL. A lot of us kids especially without fathers around wanted to be him from the 90s into the 2000s
  • Gotta love him for being truthful and being honest to these kids and staff, a real coach.
  • I love Deion. Completely threw it back in the reporters face, stood on the principles that made him and did not back down. We need people like this in our schools teaching our students.
  • He wasn't elusive. The interviewer just didn't like his answer. Deion is awesome!
  • @DallasSniper
    Deion is not only a coach to the kids, he's also a mentor and father figure, especially to those kids who never had a father figure in their life while growing up in a single mother household.
  • @tdog5878
    Deion is a great father and God fearing man and that’s what a lot of these kids need to have in their lives.
  • We've been listening to Deion for 20+ years. He is REAL. and he is one of the very best.
  • When he said I'm not a baby daddy I'm a father. That right there as a black father that stepped up touched me.
  • No drug charges. No domestic violence charges. No DUI. No steroids , no goofing off. No shootings at a club at 2am.
    But he does wear a cap and sunglasses.
  • @adrena1000
    I am so happy for and proud of Coach and his boys. They deserve everything God has for them. They work hard for it all. I apologize as a Jacksonian, for Jackson not appreciating all he did for our city directly and indirectly. Keep being great. Primetime Baby. 💃💃