ROBOFORMING: The Future of Metalworking? (I Had NO IDEA This Was Possible) - Smarter Every Day 290

Published 2023-09-16
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All Comments (21)
  • @johnny_eth
    Really liked seeing the CEO and employees explaining their work with pride.
    This was very impressive
  • @nsquezada27
    I love how happy these guys were to share. Especially mark. When he said "we can do whatever we can imagine" that was the most genuine smile I've ever seen
  • I loved how at around 8:30 the CEOs let their employee speak about the process to Destin instead of butting in and trying to take over for him. Those guys seem like they really appreciate their workers
  • @fcoiejtro
    You're such a skilled speaker for this sort of material! You are familiar with it just enough to ask the appropriate questions, but not enough to make you lose your excitement. I ADORE IT.
  • @AnOwlfie
    It's only Destin that can interview and have such an engaging conversation with experts in these industries.
  • @streetmp
    Seeing the CEO so involved and in a work uniform, perfectly describing and knowing his stuff was nice to see. They seem like a great group of people.
  • After watching the hard work that goes into creating and maintaining machines like this, I understand why my old man always said that the stock market is the closest man has gotten yet to alchemy. Creating stupendous amounts of money out of thin air. Humanity always wanted it easy
  • What an interesting process. I love how the employees seem really engaged and knowledgeable with the process. Also, funny they mentioned the sr71. I'm reading the book "skunk works" and it actually mentioned how working with titanium was such a pain.
  • @BareNorth
    This is up there as one of the best videos I've ever watched on YouTube. The CEO's passion is a match ever for Dustins, and what an absolutely incredible thing they are doing! As always Dustin, smashed it!
  • The insanely complicated process of designing this machine can't be truly appreciated without seeing the engineers pulling their hair out while building it. This is incredible.
  • @martinj.9528
    That’s so cool! All of everyone’s enthusiasm for this new process is so contagious, both yours learning about it, and theirs showing what they have learned so far. Amazing stuff, thank you for doing these deep dives!
  • I work for approx. 30yrs within the engineering field now- its just my absolute favorite to see SMARTEREVERYDAY in the morning while having my coffee. Thanks so much for your great work!
  • @cadedownen
    This company has to be one of my favorites that have been featured thus far. The senior leadership gives ownership and instills pride in his employees. Seems to be a wonderful company to work for.
  • As I work for a metal spinning company, I would love to see you do a deep dive on it, especially on the metal allergy and aneeling processes and how It changes the grain structure when you spin it
  • Wow! With just a glimpse idea of all the equations for the feedback loops involved I’m just stunned by machina labs achievement. Let’s just celebrate it!
  • @youngzm
    My favourite part of these series', aside from the clear, educational value and fascinating content, is the engineers you often talk to. Just seeing the joy and enthusiasm in an engineer when they're clearing talking about a (likely private/proprietary) technology they work on because someone wanted to hear about it.
  • @aboriani
    One thing that really struck me is that Destin, in all these years, never lost that spark, that curiosity and joy about discovering new stuff. Keep it up man, you are a permanent part of my internet.