Man. City vs. Real Madrid: Extended Highlights | UCL Semi-Finals - Leg 2 | CBS Sports Golazo

Published 2023-05-17

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  • Mari M
    Even at minute 90 Man City is pressing. Unbelievable team.
  • CrunchyTaco
    Storybook goal for Alvarez, amazing he was subbed in in the final minutes and managed to prove himself. Man City is stacked beyond belief this season.
  • Dave Mariano
    Haaland didn’t score but his presence opens up the field for his teammates to score because the D need to focus on him so much. Great performance by Man City!
  • Ryan
    This team is just something else. You don’t have to be a Citi fan to appreciate and enjoy the way they play and score. Truly magnificent
  • Jacob Dorsey
    Coming from a RMA fan, Man City dominated with world class play but Courtois has also proved once again why he's the best keeper. He kept us from being down 8-0
  • JayCFC
    What a dominant performance from Man City, how they pressed off the ball and how they moved when they had it was simply superb. Didn't give Madrid a chance, completely deserved win for City.
  • Chxrged
    What a keeper Courtois is! If it weren't for him Haaland would have a hattrick!
  • Mewtation Nation
    This was an absolute masterclass by Manchester City. Might be the best I’ve ever seen any team play a game at this level. Spectacular. Beautiful football.
  • KevsShwaShwa
    Don’t think I’ve ever seen Madrid dominated like this before. 124 passes to 13 completed passes at 15 minutes I think. Probably the most dominant 15 minutes I’ve seen considering the two sides.
  • samy chabouh
    Alvarez doing exactly what he did at the World Cup with Argentina pressing and stealing the ball and scoring on counters. Pep needs to start giving him more time. What a team and it’s all clicking at the right point in the season
  • Sid da Sloth
    Man, this game was so beautiful to watch live. Finally, City have played on the big stage how they're really meant to play. The team is so dynamic that each player played their position perfectly. Everyone was unselfish. Even our subs make an immediate impact, Foden eith the assist and Alvarez with the goal. You couldn't have two subs do any better that quick. I just had to watch the highlights again because the football played here brought tears to my eyes. Let's get this treble.

    Moving forward, hopefully, city doesn't under estimate Inter Milan. Dzeko, Mkyritan are both probably looking for revenge against City. And the team is so dynamic from outside the 18 which will cause trouble for city defense which sits a bit too deep at times
  • youtuber
    Got 2011 Barcelona flashbacks watching the first half, complete and utter domination from Pep Guardiola. This really might be City's year.
  • This kind of reminds me of Liverpool's win over Real Madrid more than 13 years ago, when the Reds won 4-0 at Anfield. Unbelievable dominance by the Cityzens! A massive and deserved win I must admit, as a big Real fan myself!
  • Lovinallthings89
    Is nobody gonna talk about Julian Alvarez getting substituted in less then a minute and scoring a goal? He has definitely learned a thing or two being on the Argentina national team.
  • J SaSa
    I loved Julian A's goal not only because he read the space and Foden's pass perfectly and had an excellent finish but also because he actually stole the ball to eventually generate the goal. Relentless and top class.
  • Rhema Bell
    Honestly, no words. Speechless. I'm extremely happy for Manchester City as they advance into the final. They still have a job to do but the entirety of the footballing world knows it can be done. C'mon lads!
  • fgfgdsdc
    As a Real Madrid fan, I truly cannot disrespect this team, at all. They’ve had such a strong season in the P.L, and it was kind of hard for me to think that they we’re going to lose against us. I hope Håland gets the U.C.L. he deserves after an outstanding season. I will be cheering for Man City in the final! Congratulations on a hard-fought performance against Madrid! Even if Håland didn’t get his goal today, he will sure get his goal, if not more in the U.C.L. final. Kudos!
  • Rueben Ivanenko
    Bernardo Silva is absolutely world class, such an underrated player 👏
  • Alex Luckoo
    Man, Alvares deserves to start more games .. the guy always contributes. He’s gotta be feeling like he needs to play way more