Brewstew - Busted Lip

Published 2023-09-16
It's my first cover story ya'll, and everybody know's I need yet another baseball story on my channel.

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All Comments (21)
  • @jerrie1533
    Madman accomplished what most of us can only dream of; he got Tyler to make a cartoon for him
  • Any day Brewstew uploads is automatically a great one. "Madman" did a pretty good job with his good script. I sense a promising YouTube career in his future.
  • Tyler I wanna thank you so much for being a huge part of my childhood and early teen years you are my favorite content creater and hope your content keeps on being as good and hopefully better 😁
  • The fact a kid sent you this is so ridiculously hilariously wholesome
  • @Adam-mh7zv
    For a first script at such a young age, madman actually did a half decent job replicating some aspects of your videos. Pretty cool
  • @stefamii
    this was simultaneously wholesome and hilarious
  • I love how Tyler has evolved from quiet animation to loud fun times
  • @hhmmhmhm5743
    Gotta love how he was so concerned about Brewstew's Youtube channel of checks note 3.12M subscribers that he wrote a whole story to help with your career. Never change, Madman, never change.
  • Tons of respect for a guy who does something he usually doesn't to make a kid happy. Plus throwing in some good points with comedic value
  • @kaos2405
    That was a wonderful story. Mad Man did pretty good for his first script. Hell, he did better than some youtubers.
  • Dude I'm loving this. You're living your life and building even more awesome wholesome stories of kids being kids. So great
  • @mattyice2889
    this is absolutely hilarious lmao, also i love that you actually told the little man’s story on your channel.

    edit: you’re right guys i don’t know why i called him little man and not mad man, just instinct and not thinking further lol.
  • @jackmack276
    This was hilarious as always. 😂 you just made mad man's whole year! He's gonna be showing this to all his friends.
  • I have had the worst week but now my whole week is fixed after watching this. Thank you Tyler for always putting out the best content
  • @scarmationsyt
    I have been watching brewstew since it came out and this series is still a bop 😂
  • This kid is actually starting something for Tyler. We all know Tyler is going to run out of stories one day and him covering other people stories is going to be awesome 😂
  • I swear brewstew when he uploads a video is the equivalent of a Saturday morning cartoon
  • Honestly this is a weirdly wholesome video haha. Keep it up Madman never stop
  • The fact you fix the story of him makes this video 1000x better. Thisbis the way to go to tell other peoples stories