Indiana Jones 5 Destroyed - The Final Nail In Lucasfilm's Coffin

Published 2023-05-23
Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny was the final gamble for Kathleen Kennedy and Lucasfilm. With every other franchise and property already sunk, it was their last shot at success. And if the first batch of reviews are anything to go by, the gamble didn't pay off.

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All Comments (21)
  • "A company founded by geniuses and inherited by morons" is a great quote
    Mandalorian doing the Event Horizon scream was a great touch.
  • Mehitable Storm
    It's kind of amazing that Kathleen Kennedy herself seems to literally have NO SHAME.
  • ken wickes
    I remember when I was 11, my mom wanted to take me to see Raiders of the Lost Ark. By the billboard I thought it was some kind of religious documentary. Man was I bummed. I fought but she dragged me along. After the first 5 minute intro and the rolling ball and everything, man was I shocked and thrilled. One of the best movies I've ever seen and as a kid it was beyond awesome. I refuse to see the Dial of Disgust and ruin all my fond memories of those early movies. My excitement after those 5 minutes was immeasurable and that moment will never be taken from me.
  • KillerMiller
    Imagine George Lucas watching the company he spent his life building, the company he poured his heart and soul into, the franchises that dominated the film industry, be stripped of everything people loved about them and left to rot underneath the foot of Disney and the morons in charge of Lucasfilm
  • janesgems7
    As a woman I am so very tired of this 'women don't need men' crap.
  • Akira Masashi
    We truly live in a society where mocking a film is more entertaining than the film itself.
  • WMFilms
    To Disney: Whatever dirt she could possibly have on you, it’s not worth it anymore.
  • Scott11078
    I remember being a kid and getting to watch Indiana Jones AND THE LAST CRUSADE in the theater, being a bit sad it was over but thinking damn they made a great closing movie.
  • Yulfa Weisulf
    For those of us whom were young adults or younger in the 70's and lived with the best movies ever made ... we will always have them. We lived them. They had meaning, heart, and deep messages. They spurred a desire for science, true science. They spurred us to push past hard times, loss, and broken hearts. ... Even broken spirits. The story lines and the actors of the day whom portrayed heroes were an inspiration. True inspirations and the Star Wars saga, the ones from the true creator Mr. George Lucas, even kept me from killing myself during a time of the most horrid loss of my life. Yea. How's that for inspiration. We had the best of the best and it will always be with us. They weren't just entertainment back then. They were so very much more. Movies today are weak and shallow. Hollywood is burning it's self down with what they are "pushing".
  • Drone 2
    "No matter how much you polish a turd, it doesn't change the fact that it is still a turd" -The Drinker
  • Adrian Sherlock
    Disney is like so many of these people these days who actually think their vision and their money can change reality. I suspect history will prove them wrong.
  • Nick Napoli
    And now a moment of silence for Indiana Jones. You will be missed.
  • I am so far removed from the hype machine that is corporate culture that I didn’t even know this project was a thing. It’s great to have a CD review of the production nightmare. I invest a few minutes and get some laughs, and go back to ignoring Hollywood. Thanks!
  • amitycamp
    Never forget the remake of A Miracle on 34th Street in 1994 where Macy's department store declined any involvement, saying “we feel the original stands on its own and could not be improved upon.”
  • Screen Name
    All I wanted for this movie, was for him to be with Shorty again, realize he was too old to keep doing it because, while he had all the knowledge to do it, he lacked the strength and reflexes for all the crap he kept getting into (as he kept having to let Shorty handle them) then make the decision to take on the role his father had before him and be the researcher and mentor.
    Then, at the end, Shorty calls him "Dr Indana Jones". Indy then takes his hat, puts it on Shorty and says, "call me Dr Henry Jones... Indy", giving his lopsided grin and setting up the new Indiana Jones (since we learned in The Last Crusade that Indiana was not his real name anyways) to continue his work.
    That not only would have been a beautiful end to Ford as Indy, but tied the last movie to the first, and enabled a new string of Indiana Jones movies (with a minority lead character that was set up in a natural way!) while providing a way for Ford to appear in at least 1 or 2 more movies as the mentor character.
  • A franchise that should have ended 30 years ago? It did, the moment Indy, his dad, Marcus, and Sallah rode off into the sunset. Also, Star Wars ended when Luke smiled at the Force ghosts as he and his friends celebrated at the end of ROTJ.
  • Maurinusa
    Kathleen Kennedy's reign of terror should be a case study in business schools for years to come on what not to do
  • Imylover
    The insane irony is that if Indy 5 indeed bombs (most likely) & it will bring consequences to Lucasfilm, at last, then the title of the film, Dial of DESTINY, will have a more significant meaning.
  • leelo
    I'm bummed. I didn't think they would make another one after the 4th one (a disaster).

    I was hoping they were going to try to make up for it with this one.