dad life

Published 2023-09-15

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  • @Vindooly
    It's great to see you doing so well Felix! 😊
  • unlike most parents, it warms my heart to see felix and marzia give the same care to their dogs after having a baby
  • @iGameApple
    He looks so happy and it makes me wanna move to Japan.
  • Felix living in Japan grants him a normal life, truly cool to see such a notable public figure live normally and enjoy life to the fullest
  • @jellybean7993
    He went from screaming at games to becoming the calmest coolest dad ever. I bet even Felix didn't anticipate how much his life was going to change.
  • Man I really love the way this guy has changed his life, so that he can cherish it as per his rules, and not as per the wishes of outside influences. I started as a pewdiepie fan , but now I am more of a Felix fan. I wish I could become like you Felix.
  • @Biggest-Ounce
    I’m gonna cry, I’ve never been so happy for someone on Youtube. It feels weird to have second hand happiness for someone I’ve never met but seeing how far pewds has come since amnesia is just so amazing.
  • @kristine5582
    It’s heartwarming to see how satisfied both Marzia and Felix look after Bjorn was born.
  • @jj-if6it
    I don't want to have kids myself but then I see stuff like this, and having a little family just seems so nice.
  • I can't explain how surreal it felt to watch Felix speak to his baby, the look on his face. He looks so happy and content. ❀
  • From that kid who screams while playing video games to actually being a father, I'm genuinely so happy for you Felix
  • When he paused before saying Maya's name @7:32 ...πŸ₯Ί I'm glad to see you guys out and about enjoying life with baby Bjorn <3
  • @Lichhelper
    Watching Felix's vlogs is like hearing from an old friend you used to hang out with. So heart warming
  • @lancerinoo
    Watching Pewds enjoying his life as a dad is so wholesome to watch.
  • @hfhsxz4204
    Been watching you since I was a kid and seeing you like this is weird, We're proud of you Pewds
  • @g.g.7058
    That kid is gonna be so happy, healthy and wholesome. Best dad ever! He's gonna be so proud of his dad when he grows up.
  • Dude is literally living in the β€œGood Ending”, and frankly, he deserves every bit of it.

    I’ve watched since 2013, every evolution, every improvement, and every setback. This man, after everything he’s done for us, deserves to live the good life.

    Brofist, Pewds πŸ‘Š
  • @alloll714
    Seeing how his life turned out after everything he's done for basically everyone, i honestly cant help but feel happy for him and look forward to my own future haha. Love ya pewds, you made my childhood and i just know youre gonna be the best dad.
  • @MrBartyaN
    I used to watch Felix for laughs and now look at me - almost crying every new video, i dont know what to say. Happy for you (and your family), dude, that's a nice life to live!
  • @Joanna-gu5hk
    Felix is currently experiencing the same emotions as my cousin, who also just became a father, thus it makes me very glad to see him in these circumstances. I don't know why, but seeing them makes me happy.