Lil Durk - All My Life ft. J. Cole (Official Video)

Published 2023-05-12
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Directed by Steve Cannon
Executive Produced & Edited by Nolan Riddle
Executive Produced by Peter Jideonwo "unnecessaryballing"
Produced by Tashi Bhutia
Production Company: Grade A Films


#LilDurk #JCole #AllMyLife

All Comments (21)
  • HipHopDX
    Love to see this collab! It brought two amazing talents into each others world. Need more of this to unite the different sections of Hip Hop. Cole World x The Voice
  • St Spicy
    Whenever you're going through a lot and you feel like giving up, play this song and sing it out loud. You've made it this far because you were strong back then. You've got more than what it takes. You were born to win.
  • Tameka Hughes
    That song was meant for me to hear. It means something to me personally. Thank you lil Durk and J. Cole. 🔥 😊
  • This sound hits different! Touches my soul and makes me think about life all the bad time I went threw to get to a better spot in life! Definitely one of the best songs i heard this year
  • This hits different man. I didn't even realize I was vibing to it after waking up today. Real Masterpiece. ❣❣
  • Brandon Abrams
    I just heard this song about a week ago and I can't stop listening to it because they really told it how it really is in this world especially in the Hip Hop game! Special shout out to J-Cole because he really touched my soul with his last verse!
  • Precious Monday
    No sex talk
    No nudity or shaking of ass
    No drugs or alcohol
    Just pure 100%talent
  • J_Mae
    We need more music like this ASAP to raise the energetic vibrations for the youth ❤
  • SRPlays
    This song is fire🔥🔥 I have listened to it everyday since it was released. A million views a day which is well deserved❤❤
  • yelloers
    This is a positive song that has a positive message. There's many people who battle alot in this life and sometimes needs this kind of frequency to uplift them up when they feel shackled down.
  • Jon Smithers
    One of the best rap songs of 2023, hands down. Durk and Cole killed it in every aspect.
  • Lauren West
    This song gives me goosebumps..
    From the video to the lyrics...this is what hip hop should sound like..
  • i have been goin thru legit hell lately with anxiety and depression, started a new med today hoping this is it this time, and this song right here reminded me how i was in the projects once. A SONG WITH LEGIT TALENT AND IT GAVE ME SO MICH HOPE AGAIN. i needed this BEST SONG HANDS DOWN.
  • Unbotherd
    I cried when I first heard this. I felt every single word. 🔥🔥👏🏾👏🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾
  • I swear this is going to give so many kids… Hope and faith in life I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!Thanks to Durk and Jcole❤️
  • Prince Bonet
    Now this is the Hip-Hop that we want back from the 90s and early 00s; inspirational and influential.! Thank you so much. I play it everyday. ❣️💪🏿✨
  • Enderban
    The fact that he did the video in his hometown is huge. J.Cole has no idea how many lives he's touched with this song alone!! #Dreamville all day!!
  • Darryl Duncan II
    Bro, there's absolutely nothing wrong with positive music, the people are going to feel it regardless when you're talented! Feel good music
  • Dr. Woozie
    I feel like I’m sitting down listening to Sunday service choir. This song is so pure and must be protected at all costs.