Pokémon NOOB Attempts a Hardcore Nuzlocke...

Published 2023-03-20

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  • @Fyrus

  • @marctoast319
    I love how Jaiden is knowledgeable about Pokemon and just completely unlucky while Fyrus is a few steps away from clueless about most Pokemon stuff yet has plot armor-tier luck
  • Alpharad being baffled by someone's luck and questionable choices is such delicious irony 😂
  • Jacob's 8 year YT transformation from Smash player to Huniepop speedrunner to literal Pokemon trainer is priceless
  • @duzziewuzzie4388
    Double Team Focus Punch Primeape is such a funny and ballsy strat. Props to Chuck for trying to make a team that lets him get off Focus Punches
  • @theofmino6180
    The fact Fyrus looked a type chart and hit the weezing with brick break is hilarious
    Dustox: "Allow me to introduce myself"
  • @silvertailarts
    No lie, this Coachlocke thing could catch on and become a good series and get even more people into Nuzlockes.
  • @AFXffs772
    watching Alpha coaching Fyrus is like watching Ash’s girlfriend sidekick who’s IQ actually hits triple digits coaching Ash while they watch from the sidelines as Ash takes in approximately 2% of the info and fumbles his way through the region thunderbolting ground types and brick breaking ghost types
  • @jacobjackson7225
    Nothing is more frustrating than trying to tell someone what the smart play is, watching them immediately do the opposite, and NEVER getting hard punished 😂
  • @ChelseaArletea
    I love that "as long as he doesn't try to punch the gastly hes fine"

    Fyrus: immediately tries punching the ghost
  • @anadiasmith8781
    Jaiden and Fyrus’ ability to stress Jacob out over games he’s already played is surprisingly entertaining 😭
  • @WoopahNova
    I love Fyrus completely avoiding the optional trainer just for Jacob to drop a seemingly off-handed comment about him being the devil and to challenge him if he dares and Fyrus taking that as an invite to make things more entertaining
  • @riley526
    watching alpha trying to shelter fyrus with the flash fire vulpix was absolutely adorable
  • @LoudWaffle
    Claire's Kingdra is brutal, ESPECIALLY coming off of that level 20 hypechain of rocket grunts in the elongated midgame. There is no shame at all in wiping at that point, so I'd say that was a pretty damn good first Nuzlocke.
  • @JuanReyes-kf7bz
    Seeing alpha stress over noob decisions is so cathartic after him not understanding why Jan was so pissed about the onix thing
  • @jaceee4154
    Jacob goes full circle from taking nuzlockes ‘seriously’ to make fun of Jan to actually taking them seriously
  • @stevensissom7557
    can we all just respect the level of unpunished fyrus had through majority of this video like JESUS that luck
  • @sammydray5919
    I still remember the video when Wolfey was teaching Jacob about stat buffs so Jacob just casually mentioning +6 was really a blast from past. He really has grown 😂