Lil Durk Reacts to NBA Youngboy Meltdown 'How Can I use Him for Promo when Im Going to Outsell him"

Published 2023-05-24

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  • @user-jo7mx9mr7u
    Good for you Durk. You’ve slowly but surely built your career to where it’s at now.
  • @MrDetroit313
    DURK interviews be funny af 😂but he be so dead serious
  • @free4nemm558
    I like how Durk always seem 100% sober in his interviews these other rappers be coming in buttered asf sounding stupid😂
  • @hoodmilli55
    Durk a master manipulator, steady answering questions with a question. Be making AK freeze up 😂
  • @BySheeesh
    The underlying coolest thing about this interview is these two got here because of each other in a way. 🔥
  • @blixykos
    Ak inserted himself into this beef and is gonna act like a victim when sht hits the fan 🤣🤦
  • @legitbennn2266
    This interview made me look at dirk different, he ain’t slow and he smart with the trolling. Dirks an engineering genius 🤣😂
  • @Mike-uf9dr
    Durkio really know how to portray himself infront of them cameras LOL
  • @dwalkeradz
    With every clip released, I am more and more convinced that Durk is a master troll.
  • @5mviews69
    Ngl AK you made yourself seem like instigator more than a mediator in this interview 🤦🏽‍♂️ it’s almost like YOU want him to beef with Youngboy 😂
  • @mariem1896
    Durk not lieing tho, people need to let him speak for himself, his music must be really speaking to y'all cause all this reaching is petty
  • @virgo6890
    if y’all don’t know durk man this dude had always had the longest come up of all rappers, he was always at his peak but he’d just evolve and evolve, im glad seeeing bro up at the top, even surpassed keef
  • RESPECT TO DURK💯 thats nothing but growth 👊🏿 fuck a competition let the him do hi
  • @E_AR96
    ak just keeps mentioning yb and tryna instigate beef but durk not falling for it💯
  • You got a lot of power bro, you could actually try and talk to durk or something use your platform to try and squash the beef. You got more influence then you think.
  • @nbayoung24x17
    7:14 the way durk says “you keep saying he” took me out 😂😂😂
  • @jaysmith4357
    He’s right and what’s crazy is how ak told all of us how this was playing out. After almost healed drops Durk can do his victory lap because he will officially be bigger than YB which is an impressive feat due to YB’s huge toxic meatmunching but very loyal fanbase. Congrats in advance Smurk well played💯💯💯🏆