Tina Turner Talks About Mick Jagger & David Bowie | Letterman

Published 2023-05-24
Tina Turner meets the Tuna Turner.
(From "Late Night," air date: 5/31/84)

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All Comments (21)
  • Ed Kaz!
    We are all lucky to have shared the planet with this woman.
  • Eric O'Brien
    She was such a knock out!! Watching her perform was ALWAYS inspiring! No one could move and sing like Tina. This is a sad day knowing she is no longer with us. What a fantastic world class talent.
  • Daniel Ecoff
    How could you NOT love this woman.. So Talented, So attractive, So Humble. RIP... Never forgotten, LEGEND !!!!! A life worth living.
  • Emilie53
    This beautiful women, after years of abuse, she never lost her amazing soul. She held her head up high and lived with dignity and pride. I love this women. May she rest in eternal peace. She's a true legend and the legacy she has left will be her own, unmatched by no one....she's an amazing role model for ALL women.
  • Simon Petersen
    Simply the best! There'll never be one like her again.
  • soofri
    She had such a great genuine laugh. Her smiles were so radiant lighting up her face and beaming out love on everyone.
  • inn news
    Tina Turner, Mick Jagger, and David Bowie….3 legendary musicians and performers.
  • marvin rosenthal
    How could 40 years have gone by so quickly?????
    Thank you, Tina, for the memories.
  • A Marked Change
    Deeply saddened by her passing. She was my one of favorite childhood icons. RIP Queen Tina Turner
  • vinto34
    She was classy and well spoken....a sad loss...RIP.
  • dannyeliot
    She was a good sport and a classy lady.
  • Fiat Lux
    We saw her in Oakland in 2001 and it was a simply phenomenal performance. I heard her share on many occasions that people pay their hard earned money to see her and they deserve her best. Not to be corny, but she truly was simply the best. What a woman!
  • MrFacundo7
    Tina had a beautiful laugh. She was pure and natural. Rest in peace, queen
  • MsPeaches2you
    Gosh, she had to be so polite to Letterman. What a lady.

    When you listen to her explain how difficult it could be to get some songs played on different music stations in America - "it was too black for some stations and not black enough for others", even in 1984, and how politely she discussed it, she handled herself so beautifully.

    What an inspiration. I'm so glad I got to experience her music and even see her live 😍
  • Cynthia Langley
    Farewell beautiful lady. You changed this world for the better, always an inspiration. Rest peacefully, dear Tina. Thanks for everything. 🌹
  • So classy and humble... note, she said Mick Jagger learned with her and the girls (the dancers). She could have simply talk only of herself and we wouldnt mind or notice. But no... she gave credit to her dancers. This is class you dont find anywhere anymore. All these so called celebrities/artists are just "me, myself and i" (no pun intended). You will be greatly missed, Tina❤
  • chucknchar T
    When you first hear of the unexpected passing of an icon, you actually grasp and momentarly stunned then sad and realize how much of a part their music was part of your life. Bye baby, you were so cool and so beautiful.
  • M. Stewart
    What a classy, beautiful, intelligent, sexy, sensual, talented, lovely, and phenomenal woman. R.I.P Tina!
    She had it all, so beautiful, charming, warm, talented and a great sense of humour.
  • James Campbell
    I am so heartbroken 💔 that she has passed. You didn't grow up in the 80s and didn't know who she was. Queen of rock and roll. You will be missed. You were a true queen and thank you for your wonderful music.