Marathon | Official Announce Trailer

Published 2023-05-24
From the creators of Halo and Destiny comes a new sci-fi PVP extraction shooter: Marathon. 

Become a Runner in Bungie’s new sci-fi PvP extraction shooter. Compete for survival, riches, and renown in a world of evolving, persistent zones, where any run can lead to greatness.   

A massive ghost ship hangs in low orbit over a lost colony. The 30,000 souls who called this world home have disappeared without a trace. Strange signals hint at rumors of mysterious artifacts, long-dormant AI, and troves of untold riches. You are a cybernetic mercenary – a Runner – and your destination is Tau Ceti IV. You are one of many, working solo or with a crew, venturing into the unknown and facing the unimaginable in a fight for survival, for riches, for fame... and for infamy. Who among you will write their names across the stars?  

Music by: Justice - Heavy Metal (SebastiAn Remix)

All Comments (21)
  • Geremy
    Bungie’s art and sound teams are always on point. Not too sure about the style of game itself but I am interested.
  • Jay P
    I would've loved another single player Marathon. Here's hoping this does well enough to make that happen.
  • Ben Anderson
    The color palette reminds me so much of Mirror’s Edge. As always, Bungie’s artistic crew delivers.
    I've never played the original, but I cannot deny that I enjoy the sights and sounds of this trailer.
  • Captain Tronix
    This games art style touched my soul, and I love it.
    Good work Bungie.
  • I dunno if it'll be based on the original or not. So we might not see any throwback mentions towards Halo or the original Marathon we all know, but definitely looks intriguing!
  • Considering the incredible lore of the original, I have high hopes for this

    Edit: I re watched it and can already see similarities
  • Red Channel
    I was so hyped for campaign in Marathon and then I noticed it's gonna be extraction shooter. My hopes were immediately buried down.
  • Wil
    I can see hints of the original armor in here. Love the new look!
  • Adam H
    Looks intriguing. Used to play the original on PC, multiplayer vs my brother, at my dads workshop when we were kids, circa 1995. The huge computer monitors were as thick as refrigerators. You could flamethrower NPC's, and they would run around on fire. What I remember most was the assault rifle with grenade launcher. The sound effects were way ahead of their time. 👽
  • VeritabIlIti
    Once again, Bungie shows its skill at crafting visually striking worlds... Now to just put something of substance in it! Also, good on Xbox for getting these trailers out asap after the showcase
  • redcrest5
    Super mysterious but the oozing style and vision of this world already have me sitting up and paying attention. Can’t wait to see more of Marathon! 👀
  • SoapyEyeball
    We're back at the beginning of halo and destiny the origin of bungie.
    I hope they don't mess this one I'm so hyped
  • Berserkir Claws
    I'm not usually intrigued by FPS but this time I am 🤨
    I'm looking forward to see more.
  • Finally BUNGIE gets to stretch it's legs outside of destiny. Let's see if they've still got it.
  • Nirvash 7
    Can't believe they're bringing back Marathon!
  • HAS ANYONE REALISE THAT IT HAS BEEN TWENTY (SEVEN) YEARS SINCE MARATHONS LAST GAME? Bungie still using the number 7 really hits home for me.
  • Pikitis!
    I'm a bit concerned at the pvp bit but I could see this being an amazing game if they play their cards right, I have to finish the trilogy now
  • marksmanmerc1
    Never expected another marathon game to ever exist.