Comforting Perfumes That I Reach For When I Need A Boost

Published 2023-01-31
Hey Everyone! Today I have some of the perfumes that I reach for when I am having a lot of anxiety or feel wound up. These help make me feel better. I can definitely do a part 2 if you are interested! Also, there are 2 days left of the t shirt/sweatshirt campaign if you are interested. The link is down below. I also did a landing page with Jomashop if you want to check it out. I picked some of my favorite fragrances. I will be doing a haul from the site soon so I can let you all know how the shipping is. I do know they ship almost everywhere which is awesome! I hope you enjoy!!

Fragrances Mentioned:

Lush Vanillary ~

Kenzo Amour ~…

YSL Libre Intense ~…

YSL Manifesto ~…

Rochas Tocade ~

VS Pink Pink Gold

Donna Karan Cashmere Mist Essence

Britney Spears Private Show

LaVanila Pure Vanilla ~

Givenchy Amarige ~…

My Jomashop Top Picks!

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  • Marisa Mayernik
    About the tester conspiracy, I think it's true for most celebrity perfumes at least. I had a Cloud tester that smelled amazing and I got a regular bottle, it wasn't even close in longevity and projection. It happened to me a few more times with celebrity scents like By Invitation by Michael Buble, The Key by Justin Bieber and Vintage bloom by Jessica Simpson.
  • mighty Strong
    Sarah there is nothing like a mood boosting fragrance .ppl don't understand the comfort one can get from simply wearing a fragrance to enhance their mood or bring them a sense of peace.tfs❤️🙏🏼
  • Jessica McClintock and Exclamation were the High School Fragrances all the girls wore! I wore Lauren, Safari, Coco, First, Dune, Ombré Rose, Anais Anais. You should do a What I wore in High School and College Video!!
  • Danit Chaney
    I think this is my favorite genre, we all need comfort , however we can get it from time to time. 🥰♥️
  • Toni Alex
    This is me from last week. Lost a family member and have been using my fragrances that bring me comfort. And all of a sudden I have a strong need for some nostalgic scents that I used to smell back when I was a child such as sunflower, white diamonds (actually place an order for these. Sunflower used to make me happy. I used to sneak out a spray or just go into my adopted grandmother's room to sniff it.
  • Natalinastella
    Perfume is definitely real aromatherapy for me. Thank you for your recommendations. I would like a part 2 as well. Also, if you know of any uplifting happy scents.
  • Kenzo Amour is so lovely and stays with me for hours. I love it too and have that same large bottle. it's not as synthetic as the other new vanillas on the market.
  • pinki3dt
    I have gotten so many fragrances because of Sarah’s recommendations. I’ve never been disappointed. We have similar taste in fragrance. Great video. ❤
  • joan mcevoy
    Some perfume can absolutely lift one's spirits! Mine include Samsara and Jil Edp.
  • Great video! I always am looking for a replacement for a college (93-97) scent from Victorias Secret- Hyacinth- Blue lotion!!! It was incredible and I've never sniffed anything like it! The packaging was lovely! Awe... Pear Glacé too!! Loved it!!
  • Sarah Jones
    Thank you for the great video!
    Kenzo Amour is an old signature, I only have a mini in my collection now. ❤️
    When I’m feeling anxious one of my go to‘s is to sniff my collection as well!😊😊😊
  • DiMa
    I loved that VS Pink Gold too. Unfortunately I am one who couldn’t smell it, at all, after literally 5 minutes. I used up the bottle in about a month because I over sprayed it so much. (I was probably choking out the people who can detect it 😂)
  • Gingergal
    My favorite category <3. I have a tester of Private Show and it lasts all day and everything you described. Hard to believe it's a celebrity scent.
  • Alma Toledo
    The bottles of this comforting collection are also so lovely.
  • Danit Chaney
    I love powdery fragrances as long as it’s sweet or a sweet floral ..
  • Jaymee L
    For me it's Clinique Happy and Amazing Grace. Both have beautiful memories tied to them. CK Obsession for Men was worn by my dad so that one hits home for me.
  • Carita K
    I LOVE hearing about other peoples comfort scents. It is also my favourite kind of perfumes. Thank you so much!💐
  • optimistic79
    I find comfort in perfumes too. I just got a plumeria perfume from a Hawaiian brand called royal Hawaiian.
    It smells so good. Exotic flowers, very similar to bronze goddess at a fraction of the price. I strongly recommend it.
  • Cris Headley
    I've never been one to go to a fragrance for comfort when I feel anxiety, etc. But with my father's recent passing in December my mom has told me she's been using fragrances to ground her. Especially at night. Her go to's are amber, musky scents. I'd say if I were to pick an comforting scent would be my Mom's signature scent Chanel No. 5. To me it smells and feels like a warm hug. 🤗