Minecraft 1.20 Snapshot 23W12A - Trail Ruins, Pitcher Plant & Calibrated Sculk!

Published 2023-03-22
Minecraft 1.20 Update Playlist ► /playlist?list=PL7VmhWGNRxKixIX8tWEQn-BnYKE9AaAXk
Snapshot 23W12A is the first of Minecraft 1.20! Sniffer Eggs, Pitcher Plants, Suspicious Gravel and 16 new Pottery Shards!

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00:00 Snapshot 23W12A
00:35 Double Sided Signs
02:23 Vibration Resonance
04:01 Calibrated Sculk Sensor
06:12 The Sniffer Egg
07:54 Pitcher Plant
09:16 Suspicous Gravel
09:57 New Pottery Shards
10:52 Trail Ruins
12:50 How They Generate
13:44 Trail Ruin Rooms
15:40 New Armor Trims
17:29 Other Changes

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All Comments (21)
  • xisumavoid
    Massive snapshot! Let me know if you like the deep dive on the Trail Ruins structures!
  • Spartan3457
    X, I disagree with your interpretation of the colors in the trail ruins. The fact that they are buried actually means that (under the right conditions) it would be better for preserving the colors, so I'm glad they stuck with strange, colorful builds rather than going back to the "everything is cracked stone brick" aesthetic. Many of the ancient builds that we have unearthed in the middle east have been found with large colorful murals.
  • Spencer
    I like the new ruins. They're actually also somewhat historically accurate, when Pompeii was buried in volcanic ash, most of the buildings were almost entirely preserved, and there's still paint on many of the walls
  • The Visitor
    I am interested by the fact that the Warden is referred to as the "Mourner" in the pottery shard, i bet this will inspire MatPat to create yet another Minecraft theory!
  • Revden
    Just an FYI for all, this is the first time Cyan dye can be made into a quasi-primary dye, leaving Gray and Purple dyes left as the last craft-only dyes
  • Mythless
    One cool thing I hope they’d add is the ability to create our own suspicious sand/gravel by surrounding any item we want in a crafting table with sand/gravel. Makes for some fun setups for minigames. It’d have NBT data so I’m sure it’ll store things like item enchants and pottery designs. Unsure if it’s smart to have enchanted items inside the sand though…
  • RedWinterRoses
    The "guard tower" structure looks a LOT like some of the forms you find in the ancient cities, just in color, which I find really fascinating.
  • Roman TVN
    Skulk Sensor updates means this is Caves and Cliffs Part 4
  • Asteria42
    15:20 ruins can definitely be colourful in real life - especially if they're buried! Exposure to the elements and oxygen destroys pigments very quickly 😊
  • Collin Regner
    I LOVE the underground rooms!!! Out of everything they’ve added it feels the most like Minecraft. I can imagine clearing out the sand and living inside while adding onto the ruins to make a really cool base. Super awesome.
  • Harm Berghuijs
    The colours are actually not that weird. There are real world structures that were buried for centuries and they too have paint that was very well preserved. The sand and dirt is what protected them from the weather
  • Seeing the theme of pearlescentmoon's base this season, i think pitcher plant is just the right one for her decorations too. Am i right?
    It looks very cool yet very alien
  • Levi Luke
    Being able to get a quantity of terracotta in a variety of colors without having to find a mesa biome is gonna be awesome.
  • Disturbded Doggo
    I’ve said this in another vid: The calibrated skulk sensor is such a randomly convenient addition to where you can make a key or specific item based pulse.

    I will soon attempt to make a minefield calibrated to eggs and snowballs.
  • IndigoRage
    Colorful blocks are good. Reminds me of Minoan ruins irl. Also makes it easier for players to rebuild them to what they might have looked like when they were inhabited. What I don’t like are the random ones by themselves
  • ethanhenare1
    i really love the colors tbh, i think it makes them feel really unique compared to other Minecraft ruins, and porcelins like that often keep their colour in buried structures irl. I do agree though that it would be cool to have more rooms that contain functional block though
  • I think the trail ruins is very interesting. Like the group rooms, halls, Decor, and the roads, remind of of Ancient Rome. They were pretty advanced, with having road networks made by laying gravel and then paving with rock slabs, somewhat similar to the cobblestone roads. Just about all the old structures look pretty well advanced, and well built for being in ruins.

    Considering the Ancient Builders are believed to be pretty advanced, it wouldn't be hard to imagine that they had stuff like what Ancient Rome had
  • Georgee
    I love the colour in the trail ruins, I think maybe some air gaps and cobwebs might make it look a bit older, but it gives terracotta a cool backstory with the “lost culture”
  • Charmie Charneco
    The structures are made of glazed terracotta and if glazed terracotta is anything like ancient ceramics then it makes total sense that they're still colourful, in my home city there are several streets lined with ceramics that are more than a thousand years old and that are still as blue as the day they were put there
  • Eupharos MC
    It feels a bit like they're setting up for bundles to finally be implemented, now that archaeology involves so many loot tables with such a wide variety of "junk." I'm definitely loving the new structures, and the new trim and pitcher plant are pretty sweet, too! I'll also weigh in on the colour aspect of the trail ruins: if they're sealed away from light, air, and water then they would absolutely be as colourful as they were when they were built; ancient desert tombs are often amazingly vibrant when they're first opened, but fade over time once exposed.