Published 2023-09-09
Sidemen Charity Match 2023

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On the 9th of September Sidemen FC and YouTube Allstars are coming together to play the 2023 Charity Match at London Stadium.

Use the hashtag #SDMNCharityMatch to talk about the game!

OFFICIAL STREAM starts at 2:15pm BST

Kick off time is at 3pm BST

The Sidemen Charity Match 2023 is in aid of the following charities:

Teenage Cancer Trust:
Rays of Sunshine Children's Charity:
m7 Education:

Any donations you make are greatly appreciated and going to great causes! Hope you enjoy the match.

Funds raised today will be split between the five charities the Sidemen Charity Match 2023 is in aid of: 37.5% to BRIGHTSIDE, 25% to CALM, 25% to Teenage Cancer Trust, 7.5% to Rays Of Sunshine and 5% to M7 Education.

For full details and terms and conditions please visit

All Comments (21)
  • @SpencerFC
    Big thanks to the Sidemen for inviting myself and Stephen to commentate. A fantastic event once again!
  • @TimeBucks
    The production quality was exceptional
  • @sana6470
    The crowd going equally crazy over anyone who scores not just sidemen is wo wholesome ❤
  • @StephenTries
    Another incredible event 👏🏻 its such a pleasure to be involved
  • @abdulshybu8596
    This is more entertaining than a lot of professional football matches
  • @tay-k3734
    Match Time Stamps
    0:40 Stream starts
    1:02 Recap/Trailer
    5:37 Warming up
    7:11 Interviews
    39:28 Commentators box
    41:45 Sidemen lineup
    47:17 Youtube lineup
    49:47 Walking out/Tunnel
    53:11 Ball car two footed
    54:26 Kick off
    1:02:53 Ethan Goal ft Jidion’s hands
    1:09:10 ChrisMD Goal
    1:23:45 Theo Baker injury
    1:38:58 Miniminter Goal
    1:40:50 Chunkz Goal
    1:42:35 Half time
    1:46:38 First half highlights
    1:52:48 Team talks
    1:58:50 Aitch set
    2:12:25 Walk out
    2:15:16 2nd half starts
    2:17:26 Manny Goal
    2:20:07 Manny Goal
    2:24:10 Speed penalty
    2:25:40 Max Fosh Goal
    2:29:33 Tobi Goal
    2:31:44 Manny Goal
    2:36:22 KSI Own Goal
    2:49:24 Harry Goal
    2:56:06 Niko Goal
    3:04:27 Tareq Goal
    3:09:53 Full Time
    3:09:54 Post match interviews
  • @Ken-fd7ml
    These commentators are absolute class. We need to get them on Premier League Saturdays!
  • @TheLsDjey
    StephenTries is all fun and all, but the respect and seriousness he got when Theo was injured and he ask the camera crew not to let the camera on his friend. What a sweet lad 🔥
  • @YouTube
    what a day 🔥congratulations to everyone involved ❤
  • @xxYFKxx
    I’m not gonna lie, speed has showed some improvement from last year. If there’s another charity match next year, speed needs to make another return. I feel like with more training, he’ll be deadly with his speed.
  • @cuba457
    2:49:00 love how everyone came to Harry to celebrate with him his 1st goal, true friendship right there
  • I feel bad for speed but he shows true commitment and he was an outstanding speedy player ❤🎉
  • @nuqi
    sidemen blessed us with the best event ever
  • Speed not getting goals is comedy at this point! Bring him back to see how many more he can miss before he gets one 😂