GUESS THE MOM! *Emotional Mother's Day Reveal*

Published 2023-05-13
Today we reveal my wife for the first time EVER on camera! Can Brent Rivera pick my son and daughter's mom by watching 5 contestants go through a series of challenges with Salish? See Brent’s new video:    • This Kid Has Supe...  

See the video Hudson was filming the same day:    • I Bought Everythi...  


Salish & me:

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Video by Sandy Chase

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  • VK VK
    I watch this with my mom and I cried I told her “even if I am growing you will always be my mother “ my mom started to cry Salish must have felt loved and known that her mom loves her so much!
  • Blossom Cotton
    I teared up when Salish said "This is my real mom" with the biggest smile on her face. I'm just so glad that your family is surrounded by so much love and that is what made me tear up the most because you guys deserve so much love in the world and I always imagined that quote to mainly revolve around the internet, but you guys already had all the love in the world within your own home. I'm happy for you all!
  • Russell Ingham
    I could tell from the Matter family voice and can we all just appreciate how much work and effort Jordan & say say put into their videos to make people’s days become the best
  • storm
    I'm so glad Lauren faced her fear and let us meet her. I love how Salish had a huge smile on her face when she said it. Y'all are a lovely family
  • Kallie Rounds
    I just want to hope you guys had a good Mother's Day. Lauren, I'm so proud of you for coming onto camera, you should be so proud of yourself. You've grown Say Say into a beautiful and loving daughter. Jordan, your awesome. Say Say your so lucky to have such amazing parents. ❤️❤️❤️
  • Emily Saunders
    There's something about that connection between mother and daughter that some people don't have, it's so lovely that Salish has such a strong bond with her mother, I think it's very brave of her to stand up in front of so many people and face her fear! She did a wonderful job and you guys look like Watch a cute family :)
  • Izzy’s World
    at the middle of the video i already knew it was number 3 because the way she smiles the way she looks so alike as Salish i knew it was her tears came out of my eyes as watching it such a great video i'm sure everyone would feel so happy to see salish's mum for the very first time!
  • Kedo
    I’m so proud of sailish’s mom. It’s so hard overcoming a fear, and she did it really really brave. Well done lauren
  • annel alonso
    I’m so proud that Lauren decided to show us who she is and I’m so glad we get to meet her she looks like a really good person 😊 it’s super difficult to overcome a fear and what Lauren did showed how strong she really is ❤😊
  • FUNNESS123
    It was amazing to finally see Salish’s mom on camera, and it’s incredibly sweet to watch them interact. All I’m saying is Salish is very pretty and I see where she gets it from
  • NovemberxSwiftie
    Let’s just take a moment to appreciate how proud we are if Lauren aka Salish’s mom, of showing her face on camera! Also, she is rlly pretty! She was pretty tough to guess that it was her mom throughout the video as her mom is camera shy so I guessed a mom which was shy! But, we are proud of you Lauren
  • Melina Powers
    Only the real mom evoked an emotional response in me. My eyes welled up with tears when she spoke to her daughter towards the end. You could see that her dad was genuinely touched by those words too. She's the one I guessed.
  • Chloe Bodard
    it was really brave of lauren to step out of her comfort zone and face her biggest fear.I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS SO MUCH
  • Dear Lauren, I am so proud that you faced you fear of being on camera. I am camera shy myself and would of never done that if I had the chance to. I hope to see you in more videos, if not that’s ok. I am sure everyone appreciates this one video that you decided to do something that your uncomfortable of doing and understands that you want to be only in one video. Once again I appreciate you coming out of your comfort zone to make other people smile. ❤
  • Aleks Tushi
    This is so heartwarming the way Lauren talked and hugged Salish.Her mom looks a lot like her.❤❤❤😊
  • Sofia Violet
    ⚠SPOILERS!⚠ i knew it was #3 from the start. You could totally see it in their smiles, and just by how sweet and kind they both are! So glad to finally see her in a video!!💗💗
  • XxRoseYT
    This was wholesome, but Brent would’ve have known it immediately if he looked at the eye colors between the moms,Salish,and Jordan 😅
  • boli milda
    Loved seeing Lauren and Salish bonding with each other in Sephora Also, she did so well being in front of a camera, I’m also camera shy
  • Ashley Gunn
    Well done Lauren, I'm so glad we finally got to meet you! Your an amazing mom! :)
  • whydiditypedis
    I knew it was 3 as soon as they first hugged, and then them shopping together just made me know for sure! Good way to finally show Salish's mom.