Mega City HIDE AND SEEK in Fortnite!

Published 2023-05-20
100 player Fortnite Hide and Seek at Mega City with @CouRageJD! (Chapter 4 Season 2)
0:00 Round 1 - Nick Finding Courage
0:14 Mega City (Courage Hiding)
4:08 Floating Island (Courage Hiding)
5:44 Ice Castle (Courage Hiding)
8:18 Snowy Pond (Courage Hiding)
13:04 Round 2 - Courage Finding Nick
13:18 Mega City (Nick Hiding)
20:17 Kenjutsu Crossing (Nick Hiding)
23:12 Steamy Springs (Nick Hiding)
27:45 Farm Fields (Nick Hiding)
30:16 Winner
31:14 Outro

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All Comments (21)
  • @YouTube
    so close courage so close!! what a fun video ❤ shoutout to nick for taking the crown
  • being a part of this was so much fun ❤ y’alls collabs are seriously my fav. well done, boys!
  • @Plurpday
    This video was so well edited!! This was rlly fun to watch!! Keep on being awesome, Nick!!
  • @foggy1845
    Nick's one of the best content creators known to man :) Keep up the good work!
  • @gamejoe490
    Whenever im sick, i go back to watch some good Nick Eh 30 content, i love the hide and seeks
  • @AAvfx
    🎉 Nick Eh 30 has done it again with 'Mega City HIDE AND SEEK in Fortnite'! This video takes the excitement to a whole new level as Nick showcases his incredible hiding and seeking skills in an epic urban playground. It's reminiscent of that insane 1v4 clutch he pulled off in his previous upload, proving once again that he's a true master of the game. Nick's ability to navigate complex environments and outsmart his opponents is simply mind-blowing. Get ready for a thrilling adventure as Nick Eh 30 takes Fortnite to the next level of coolness! 🕵‍♂🎮
  • @Hu.tao-
    Although I was not attacked by the fires my family was and This is what I needed to cheer me up thanks Nick. For always making me feel good!
  • @typical_alex
    loved this so much, you always bring the best content with courage!!!! love you guys collabing and laughing together:) the part where courage falls off the top of the building to his death is the best part LOL
  • Can we just take a moment to appreciate how much work he put into these videos? It's unbelievable, and I think they deserve a lot more than that! 🙏🙏
  • @Sub2XaX
    Even after 2 weeks, I still worry about you and your wild fires. Lots of love, and I hope you and your family will proceed to do well. I wish you the best!!!
  • Can we all just talk about how good they edit this and how courage fell to death
  • I've just gotten back on the game after months of not playing and the nostalgia of completing every battle pass every season hit me hard I can't put this game down when it's been in my life for 5-6 years.
  • @talha_5235
    I’ve been waiting for this I love your hide and seek’s Nick 😊💯
  • I always play these videos when i'm playing fortnite because they are so motivational hope to see more ehmazing content ❤ and also never back down never give up
  • @THEG731
    Keep up the good work nick.