Fortnite Creative 2.0 is HERE and it's AMAZING!!!

Published 2023-03-22
Fortnite Creative 2.0 is HERE and it's AMAZING!!! UEFN is going to change #Fortnite forever. Watch me playing UEFN maps with SypherPK, Typical Gamer, and Top5Gamming here:

I want to see what you guys do this week so post your creations on the subreddit here:

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All Comments (21)
  • @stumbling2841
    This is absolutely phenomenal, epic really outdid themselves with this. I hope this also means we see a major improvement in maps overall. Even generic PvP maps can benefit greatly with this editor.

    The terrain editor alone is just such an amazing thing.
  • @Dyloneth
    I'm SO EXCITED to see how UEFN evolves over time! It's amazing right now, and we're going to get so much more!
  • @foar
    Perhaps you could bring the backrooms back in uefn with a different interpretation, such as kane pixels version, or having larger, more iconic levels, that would be awesome.
  • @cypherx9
    I would love to see more cinematic intros to maps like you're about to watch a movie
    long, but stunning visually and it could open doors to possibilites we couldn't even think about in 1.0
  • @shaniyan1562
    Can't wait to see what people create with time using the tools. Who knows I might try to do something if my pc can handle
  • @nomoremeaning
    I'd love to see a full beginners guide. Maybe like 5 different parts going over the main elements how to do it and why to do things a certain way
  • @BrodyInreallife.
    After 3 years of waiting and delays Fortnite’s trend graph Is going to sky rocket!
  • @DAANoontje
    I've had the chance to work with UEFN for a while now too and its absolutely phenomenal! The possibilities which just have opened up are amazing!
    You've also showed my train model in the video, which hasn't been made in UEFN (imo the modeling tools are a bit meh) but in Blender. It's an amazing software which is free and much easier to use. For the modeling on UEFN.. we're on the same boat mustard haha
  • @Justjay224
    This is absolutely insane. There is no limits to what we can do with this
  • @keironharvey
    I absolutely LOVE Rynex. His Phantom Investigation map is absolutely unreal for leveling up. I finished last season over level 400 because of it. I'm very excited to see if he makes an updated version... And it'll be absolutely terrifying if done right
  • @jofus0023
    This is going to go one of two ways. For any like myself who have been fearful of this for as long as it has been announced, let's give it our all, and try not to be left behind. Let's get to it!
    EDIT: I've just watched the whole video, I take it all back, everyone is gonna be fine, we're ALL gonna have some fine with this.
  • @sonicrunn3r895
    This is gonna be awesome! I don't really have too much time rn to check it out, but when I get my easter/summer breaks in my game dev courses I'll definitely give it a shot.
  • @master_sword3339
    Glad to see fortnite become more advanced! Especially with the number of people that are going to learn how to use programming is insane!
  • @mragonz_creator
    This will unleash a lot of creative ideas and graphics, we’re here til the end❤️
  • @whis2790
    I can't wait to see what the programming language is like in depth. It looked simple at first glance (simple for someone knows how to code)
  • @user-vw9kq1qm5w
    It'd be great for you to show the collaboration tools, with other guys creating this together.
  • @Majinbluuue
    This is amazing, I can't wait for the things people will create with this!
  • @4qu4h3x
    i'd love to see a long maybe hour long video of mustard just playing around with and using the new unreal editor so we can be introduced a little better
  • @doodle6178
    This is absolutely incredible, I would also really like to see someone make a boneworks map in uefn