THE BIRTH OF OUR BABY GIRL | official labor and delivery *first child*

Published 2023-09-10
THE BIRTH OF OUR BABY GIRL. What a blessing this is, glad we can share these amazing moments with you guys and we are so excited for this new chapter in our lives! Want to say a huge thank you to the nurses and DRs that took care of us, couldn't of asked for a better staff to help us deliver baby girl!

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All Comments (21)
  • @JatieVlogs
    Love you guys. Thank you for all the support. This journey has been so fun and we are so excited for this new chapter. Welcome Skye to the family❤
  • @ardendacosta7
    it hits so much harder when you've been watching them since day 1. from when it was just katie by herself, to when her and josh were dating, to when he proposed, to now, just makes it all that more special. so incredibly happy for you both :)
  • @hyperspazz8082
    I am a man and this teared me up. When I saw Katie cry and holding the baby, I was in tears. You two are an amazing couple. You two will be great parents. Love you both so much.
  • i never expected myself to cry to this video but as soon as that angel was out i just felt this immense sense of proudness for katie and i was just so overwhelmed with emotion, congratulations!!!!
  • Katie, you did so so good!😭 I’m so proud of both of you. I’m a postpartum/gyn nurse so josh bringing chikfila for the nurses was super sweet🫶🏼
  • the fact he almost passed out shows how much he absolutely loves katie he hurt seeing her in pain ❤️ so happy they’re parents and that one guy that got so excited when they said they were pregnant
    Made me cry ❤️ congratulations!!
  • @TimeBucks
    This video was an emotional roller-coaster
  • @zarabrew6376
    I've been watching Katie when she was by herself and then watching the evolution of Jatie Vlogs since the beginning. This was so beautiful, and I got super emotional seeing this. I'm so thankful and feel honored to be a part of this journey with you guys. I know the two of you are going to be amazing parents and I'm extremely happy for the both of you, congratulations. <3
  • @nheliaashley
    This is the calmest birth video I've ever seen. Congrats to both of you❤, been watching you since highschool and now I'm on my third year college so happy to be part of this journey
  • @miablair1629
    I’m quite young 15 years old. I have been watching your videos from day 1, watching you guys have this beautiful journey and much more to come with your new family member Skye. From it just being Katie by herself, you guys dating, josh proposing to Katie, getting married and now having a baby, you guys bring so much joy to the world and You guys have come so far. Skye will enjoy her life very much when she is with you guys and those that are around you. I prayed for you guys that everything will be healthy and everything comes good before, during and after Katie had Skye. The pray payed off because Skye came out beautiful as ever. Love you guys 🫶🏻.
  • @kaleyribble5611
    Katie holding her sweet girl got me. 🥹 so proud of you, you did it mama!!💜
  • @TriciaAndKam
    Congratulations! You both will be amazing parents💗💗
  • @rubykwok9575
    OMG! I literally cried when Katie B started crying and hearing your baby crying. I've been watching you both for quite a long time and seeing this new journey grow is amazing. Congratulations Katie and Josh! Welcome to the world baby Skye!
  • I've been here since they first met, it's so amazing how they have built their lives together and now they are first time parents!! CONGRATS ❤🎉
  • Congratulations ❤️❤️ ! Parenthood is not an easy journey! And it’s okay for you to admit that as well in your journey! It’s the best job in the world and you’ll both be so amazing even if you feel like you’re not doing amazing ❤️

    I wasn’t induced and my contractions were traumatic so I feel you Katie they are no joke 😭😂😂😂
  • Who else has watched this atleast 3 times & cried every single time!? I am so happy for them! ❤❤
  • @Lanna-po7dp
    I’m literally so beyond happy for you guys!!!! Love you guys, you’re gonna be awesome parents💪🏽❤️