Published 2023-05-24
This YouTube channel just hit 1 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS! To celebrate, I bought myself a new truck and moved to the suburbs.



Script by Jason Slaughter & Nicole Conlan.

Apologies to Last Week Tonight for ripping off some of their Homeowners Association jokes:
   • Homeowners Associ...  

The best part about having a YouTube channel is that I can shitpost to it. If I wanted to make straightforward educational videos I would've gone into television.

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  • Adam Something
    Hell yeah brother! Anything less than a Dodge Ram and an eight bedroom house is communism!
  • Apple Reviews PL
    Imagine if the whole point of the channel was an elaborate plan to get a Dodge RAM and move to the suburbs
  • Alex Melamed
    I just got back from a trip to Amsterdam, and traveling there with my toddler made me feel shame for how we Americans don’t really prioritize spaces for little people. Bikes and transit too, yes; but in the Netherlands they invest in beautiful play spaces that are everywhere. No need for everyone to have a yard and terrible, home-mart play set. Please, do a video on these spaces and show the world what community play spaces could be.
  • I found myself getting emotional as I watched this. As a parent of a young child I dream of a better world for them. People in the US are so asleep to what their communities could be. Yet they call themselves family friendly. Everyone should watch this video. wiping away tears
  • neo
    Living the dream! You don’t even need a map to find your new house, all you need to do is follow the traffic. Congrats, dude!!
  • VitalVampyr
    The most unrealistic part of this video is when he went inside from the backyard and could no longer hear the leaf-blower.
  • asdf asdf
    I just wanted to share this story because I felt like it: I live in a big european city (population >2 million) and three weeks ago I had the urge to watch the movie Suzume. I looked it up in the Internet and found a really small theater (60 seats) that aired it for the last time. The theater is ~6 km away from my home. I called them and made sure that there are still tickets available then busted out the folding bike I bought especially for errands in a 3-10 km radius. I rode there through small side streets, a park and so on. The bike infrastructure is not that good but it is available so no problems. When I arrived I bought my ticket and asked the clerk if they provide some snacks and beverages. He said that I can just go to the attached vegan bar (or better yet it is a vegan bar with an attached theater) and ask there. So I went there and bought two bottles of beer and bretzels (served in a small porcelain bowl, never had this before).

    I then proceeded to get seated and a few more people came in. A mother came in with her two teenage daughters and all three of them had a glass of red wine from the bar which they drank during the movie (even in europe this is not an everyday sight). There were two students constantly making notes (probably for an analysis) and some elderly people who had tears in their eyes for the whole movie. I have never in my entire life witnessed such a pure, calm and harm-free atmosphere in my life. It was mesmerizing.

    After the movie I brought back my bowl and bottles, had a little smalltalk with two elderly women about the movie who came with their folding bikes as well and went back home.

    I took the same way back, it was like 18°C with a nice calming wind. In the park you could hear the birds chirp, some people jogged around, a young girl cried because she didn't want to go home because it's still nice outside (it was half past 10 though and dark, lol).

    And after watching this video I thought to myself: damn, with this kind of living, this kind of suburban structure, this kind of transportation I would've never had the joy that I had on that evening. It was nothing special but it just clicked.

    Riding home a little bit tipsy and for practically no money at all was a nice bonus. Can't have that with a car.
  • Jeremy Tessier
    I work on vehicles for a living and that scene where you struggled to open the hood on the RAM and then blatantly called it a 5.7 L Hemi engine when we were clearly looking at the 3.6 L V6 had me rolling on the floor. In a real truck review, stuff like that would be unforgivable but here it just added to the sense that you just don't give a crap about trucks. Absolutely glorious satire.
  • Tr4pD00r
    There's a very subtle joke here that's really great that not many people will spot unless they're familiar with the area: all the suburbia clips are a mishmash of several different towns in and around York Region north of Toronto which I'm pretty sure is a deliberate jab at the fact that all of suburbia looks like the same featureless glop no matter where you go.

    0:00 is obviously in Aurora
    3:48 Bayview & Major Mack is in Richmond Hill
    5:04 I'm like 90% sure this is Hwy 404 at Hwy 407 which is in Markham
    6:11 The 401 is in North York
    7:04 Weston Road is in Vaughan, VMC in the background
    11:54 This bit of Stouffville Rd I think might technically be in Stouffville I'm not 100% sure (suburban Stouffville is a little out of the way but it also looks like everywhere featured)
    14:18 Davis Drive is in Newmarket (which would indeed be 3 hours away from downtown Toronto by transit.)
    15:20 The spaghetti junction at Pearson airport I'm p sure is just within Mississauga
    Also shoutout to the continuity error at 15:08 where NJB is on a viva bus to Finch station but then it cuts to Pioneer Village station on the other side of line 1. Just shows how wildly varied he travelled for this video.
  • Berm Peak
    You deserve it, Jason! This is a brave and refreshing new direction you're taking this YouTube channel. I think I speak for everyone when I say we want more content about homeowner's associations.
  • Wow, this was a masterpiece, and a wonderful tribute to 1M subscribes! 😂 Thanks for doing what you do man!
  • Drixxon Kyser
    I think this channel just peaked. Best video you've ever made. This video ought to be shown in schools and a mandatory college course ought to be implemented as a result of such perfection.
  • I don't know what's worse, the fact I live in the neighborhood where you filmed most of that, or that I missed the opportunity to shake your hand in person and tell you to continue fighting the good fight.
  • Tipsy Owl
    As an American, what really got me was the scene at 16:08; a relaxing open outdoor seating space in the middle of mixed-use development along a transit route... the US would never 😭
  • Robert B. Momert
    Americans: Are pissed off every time they have to drive and see road rage as absolutely common
    Also Americans: "We love to drive"

    That's toxic af
  • Jonathan C. Lacy
    It's crazy how recording a normal day in the suburbs is literally the greatest argument against them