How Good are the New Pokemon from the Teal Mask?

Published 2023-09-16

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  • Fun fact: Dipplin can hold the eviolite, which takes it’s defences higher than appletun, which does also mean it will evolve next dlc, which might make it actually viable and not a gimmick
  • @mercury3924
    2:49 Yes Matcha Gotcha hits both opposing Pokémon, has a 20% chance to burn each target and heals 50% of the damage dealt. Incredibly strong move!
  • @Galarticuno
    Ursaluna’s new ability is just “I can hit anything” and that’s kind of insane
  • @stick9276
    The apple being competitively viable is crazy
  • @depressedfish
    You forgot something massive about Sinistcha. It get imprison. afaik the combination of imprison and rage powder on a Pokémon is exclusive only to Sinistcha. This means that it can stop amoonguss' redirection, making it much less of a factor in battles. It also gets life dew, in case Hospitality and matcha gotcha weren't enough health.
  • @Shwethway98
    Some other things that I want to add
    - Matcha Gotcha is a spread move (hits both opponents) and has a 20% chance to burn.
    - Dipplin is affected by Evolite so we know it has an evo in the upcoming DLC. But still for now it can run Evolite to bump up it’s defenses
    - Should be somewhat obvious but Ogerpon’s Tera type cannot be changed - it’s locked into whatever type it’s mask gives (base form Teal Mask being Grass btw)
    - Embody Aspect triggers on switch in. Yes, like last Gen’s intrepid sword/shield. If you have Zacian flashbacks, I’m sorry.
    - Most importantly, it’s been researched that any of Ogerpon’s masks gives a 1.2x boost to *all* of it’s moves. Basically it has a Griseous Orb in it’s item slot that works in all of its moves.
  • 8:46 Dipplin can actually hold the Eviolite, meaning you don’t have to stay with just attacking moves, but also it buffs defense to
  • @iannsmith5340
    Due to data mining and testing with evolite, it appears that Dippin will have an evolution. That's probably why its stats are ok at best
  • @lugical7840
    Ogerpon also gets a 1.2x multiplier on it's attacks when using the fire, water and rock masks, as compensation for locking you into an item where the grass mask doesnt
  • Bloodmoon Ursaluna can learn vacuum wave, a fighting type priority move, that can hit ghost types like Gholdengo for super effective which is pretty good for a slow pokemon.
  • @Leaf_VT
    Matcha Gotcha does hit both opponents, source : playing on casual ladder and getting hit by it
  • I want to add a few things
    Sinischa's second ability is Heatproof, making it's fire weakness a neutral move. It should be used in singles
    I think the rock mask on Ogerpon is actually good. Rock type moves are kinda scary with how effective they can be at hitting things hard, and it's signature move is basically a stone edge, with 100% accuracy on a Pokémon as fast as Lycanroc. Take that as you will
    Update: So it's just been brought into light, but Ogerpon's masks that are needed to change forms have been confirmed to grant a 20% power boost to all attacks, meaning it hits even harder with attacks. Yep
  • @doctoon3593
    I swear to god if the Dipplin evo is named Tripplin I’m gonna do a backflip. Mark my words.
  • Correction: Rage Poweder is not grass type. Amoongus is grass type but the move itself is bug type.
  • @iiDeviilzzHD
    Not only does Matcha Gotcha deal damage to both Pokemon but it also thaws you out of being Frozen!
  • @tornadey018
    The cool thing going for Munkidori is fake out + chance of poison, so that's cool.

    Edit: Fezandipiti getting Icy wind + poison chance is crazy