Food Theory: The SECRET to McDonald’s Sprite!

Published 2023-05-21
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Let’s get one thing straight, Loyal Theorist: McDonald’s Sprite straight up SLAPS! There is no Sprite more fizzy and satisfying than the one from your local Mickey D’s. But why? WHY is this the case? Is there more carbonation? More syrup? Does the STRAW somehow play an effect? Or are the machines just built differently? There’s a reason your McDonald’s Sprite tastes spicy, and we’re here to share the REAL answer behind this fizzy phenomenon!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Santi Massa
Editors: Tyler Mascola, Dom Sealion, Jerika (NekoOnigiri), Warak, and AbsolutePixel
Sound Designer: Yosi Berman
Thumbnail Artist: Dan Lerner
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All Comments (21)
  • YouTube
    now THIS is science 🧪
  • the fact that matpat can make us watch a 25 minute video about how sprite tastes different from mcdonalds is truly amazing
  • Zerillis Guren
    I like how they used seperate straws for the taste test. But proceeded to lick the bottom of the straws and then stick them in the drinks lol.
  • TheForkRebel
    Glad to see that my boy Jordan, Leader of The Fast Food Secrets Club got a small shoutout here. I think him and Mat could fully expose all the fast food secrets if they worked together
  • I like how they're each using their own straws but MatPat is licking off his straw everytime
  • Holr Fpibi
    I love how they make a point to have separate straws and Matt makes a point to lick the bottom of his straw each time XD
  • Doggo
    McDonald’s sprite is laced with a tiny amount of ice cream, the true reason it’s always broken.
  • Jack Rainey
    I wonder if having the Sprite tasted a long time after it was exposed to air affected the amount of carbonation while the other three were freshly opened.
  • れいい
    This really makes you appreciate McDonald’s dedication to certain things
  • Megan Berbaum
    The glass bottled sprite is also made with cane sugar so the sugar level is different compared to the other sprites on the table.
  • M Banerjee
    You should do this again with more people and as a blind taste test.
  • Sandra L
    I recommend doing part 2 of this but putting all those sprites to cups with lids and seeing if the second testing would end up with the same results when not knowing what sprite is in what cup
  • Brain Happy
    I love how they made an emphasis on using individual straws and Matt made a point of licking the bottom of his straw every time
  • Ashly Lol
    They should've kept the McDonald's sprite drink cold as he pointed out that ice was the one of the reasons it was different/better.
  • Fity Bux
    Some day, Matt will learn to do blind taste tests instead of "hey, let's serve everything in the container it came from and ask people which is better"...
  • Rue
    the editing of this video is incredible! I love the little sound effects whenever rachel reacts, absolutely hilarious
  • your mom
    I love watching Matt's videos while eating. This channel was absolutely an amazing idea
  • Nighthawk
    Was hoping for Amy, or Steff, but Rachel was a vibe! Looking forward to the future of the Theorists!
  • Anonymous Frog
    They definitely got a McDonalds sponsor, because I am now craving sprite and fries from McDonald's