I'm Stepping Down..

Published 2023-05-18
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The time has come for me to step down as CEO of Linus Media Group (and everything else under the umbrella). Let me tell you what that looks like: what's changing, what's not, and who is taking my place...

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0:00 The Big News
0:46 The Why
1:54 My New Role
2:54 What's not changing
3:54 I could have retired
4:51 What IS changing

All Comments (21)
  • MrRoflWaffles
    so much respect for what you and your team have built over the years!
  • MEGA N00b
    Linus really is the type of person to say "I'm retiring" and mean "I'll be making more videos and putting more effort into them" by it. Glad for you man, you should be doing what you enjoy!
  • YouTube
    your transparency in this transition is incredible to see and an amazing reminder to go in the direction that makes you the most happy!
  • B is for Build
    if that company that offered to buy you out is still looking for a youtube channel. I would like to let them know i am here and still available for corporate buy out :p
  • Ace
    I’m so happy that Linus will be able to improve his life and do what he wants to without us losing his presence on the channel.
  • Grandalf
    Bloody smart move. Recognising that you are burning out and doing something about it is a skill many need to learn. Creating the new position that lets you do what you love and making sure the team knows that YOU are not the person to run to every time something goes spung is a very, very smart move. Love your work and enthusiasm and happy that we will still be watching you into the future.
  • Karl Rock
    I can only imagine what it’s like to run such a big organisation… you did amazing! Looking forward to the future of the channels.
  • Ed Douglas
    Kudos to you Linus. Self care is vitally important to longevity and quality of life. Glad you have charted a path that allows you to take some of the pressure off, but still contunue to do what you love, AND preserve the family and business you have built. 👍🏽
  • PolDet
    I am truly impressed that you and your team have recognized the need for change and are taking action. So many companies die because the entrepenure who starts the company never figures out that they are good at starting but not running a company. I wish you well as you make this transition. It is going to be hard, but very worth it for both you personally and the company. I look forward to your next ten years!
  • Adaś Kowalski
    we all support you in this! you've achieved so much, that you can live comfortably with your family, and you've built a great reputation on youtube.
  • kief4diamonds
    I feel you. I had already told my own boss that when I turn 40 I'll have to do something else. Even if it means stepping down in a lot of ways I can't maintain this pace mentally without losing part of myself. I'm currently training much younger guys to hold the torch a bit. At some point a CEO needs an end game plan.
  • LINUS! You literally have been my pc tech guide over the last 10 years and to see the growth you've done since then is amazing. You set very high standards for what a man can grow in a 10 year span that I am looking to match in my own life pursuit. Thank you for being you and showing people that being a tech wiz is really cool. Well wishes and love from Southern Cali!
  • TheGoryan
    Much respect here. I can completely understand seeing the many weaknesses we have. I have been leading an IT Department for the last year myself. I have had to learn tons of things. I am glad, your not walking away from the projects and channels as i feel it wouldn't be the same without you. Either super excited to see what happens next. my hat is off to you, Transparency is awesome to see even more so from bigger channels like yourself.
  • Alias
    TLDR - Your giving all things you don't like to someone you have carefully chosen and then you get to do the fun things.

    I can't imagine how big that change felt but I'm happy you found the mental space to make it <3
  • Congratulations, Linus, on stepping down as CEO. This decision speaks volumes about your love for both your people and your company. By putting ego aside, you are prioritizing the community and ensuring that they will benefit from your continued involvement. We greatly appreciate every single video you create, and sometimes we even utilize them as teaching tools for our students to expand their vocabulary. Wishing you a fantastic Wednesday and eagerly looking forward to watching more of your captivating, funny and insightful videos.
  • Jacob Flores
    This is brilliant Linus. Doing this shows just how skilled and aware you were as CEO.
  • Kabonster
    Congrats man, this is a big move! I hope you’re able to delegate effectively and really do what you’re wanting to do!
  • Brad Prentice
    Thanks for all the years of your leadership and creative energy, Linus!

    I don't think I've ever commented on any of your videos before but I've watched a ton of them and many in front of an appreciative student audience. As a Canadian high school tech teacher responsible for helping kids lay the groundwork for understanding computer technology I have really loved your content and my students have watched plenty of it in class or as "homework" to learn stuff from the basic to the advanced.

    May you enjoy your new roles and your freedom from old duties -- and also the chance to work with an old friend!
  • oregondork
    Have absolutely loved watching you and the rest of the team over the years. You're awesome, Linus!