San Francisco 49ers vs. Los Angeles Rams | 2023 Week 2 Game Highlights

Published 2023-09-17

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  • Wow, this is one of the most respectful and sportsmanlike comments sections I've ever seen! Really good game from both teams but I'm most impressed by the fans posting here.
  • @40nine99
    Respect for the Rams they played us hard had me nervous
  • As a Niners fan, I want to say the RAMS played a real good game.
  • @zacbestul9044
    I know its only week 2 but this is probably the best game ive seen so far this year. Great rivalry
  • Anytime Aaron Donald checks the jumbo screen wondering what happened, you know it was a great play/run. CMC is a box of dynamite!
  • @Lycan4647
    As a 49er fan this was definitely Brocks worst performance. He missed two TD passes but still had that impressive two minute drive before the half. With that being said even in a "bad" performance we still put up 30 points and are now 2-0! Bring on the Giants!
  • Two well-matched teams that know each other soooo well. Nice to see lots of Niners fans in the stands. A Bay Area tradition.
  • @tmcdon94
    Nacua breaking NFL records is a testament to how great of a QB Stafford has always been. The WR position is reliant on the QB and every receiver Stafford plays with goes crazy. Megatron, Kupp, OBJ etc.
  • @AguedaBurlson
    "Respect for the Rams they played us hard had me nervous" The energy in this video is contagious. I'm hyped!
  • @glebnegey8485
    Игра Rams очень радует!
    Stafford (QB) отлично вел вперед молодое нападение!
    Играть на равных с нынешними 49ers, это отличный уровень!
    Удачи Rams в дальнейших матчах и красивых побед!
  • It's always fun to watch 49ers against Rams. ❤ always gives me heartattack. Let's go Niners. Let's go all the way 💪
  • @workayele8372
    As a 49er fan I must be honest puka nacua has taken his first two games by storm he will be something special if he keeps developing
  • As a 49er fan, it could have very well been a different outcome with Cooper Kupp playing. Just glad we got the W....
  • @rectormusic
    Man, the rams look like they’re getting back into shape, Stafford is a beast. So happy the Niners won but that was a good game.

    Stoked that Deebo is doing Deebo things again, and Purdy is solid as hell.

    Also, so happy we drafted moody as our kicker! I was worried when they let Gould go.
  • @craigwebb9318
    Purdy is the man mad respect dude haven't missed a beat since coming back from that injury in the NFC championship game
  • @TheGrades90
    Go niners! Happy to see Isaiah Oliver performing well today
  • I still can't get over how Purdy was one pick away from going undrafted. I guess thats what 9ers do, strike gold.
  • Congrats 9ers! Close game puka is gonna be something special, might win ROTY. Also good to see Oliver is thriving well with the team. #2-0