I need a new template (contest??)

Published 2023-09-16
┊Ok so, I kinda need a new template art because this one is really old lol, and why not using one someone else made?
┊This will be kinda a "contest", I mean, there will be a winner, and I'll follow them + put credit for the art every time
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✧》What do I need?
→ Obligatory parts: (the ones in the project)
↳ head
↳ head fur
↳ hair (front and back)
↳ body
↳ ears
↳ tail
↳ arms (the back part thing)
↳ paws (closed and open)
↳ decent faces (since my template never had faces, so remixing is easier)
→ Optional:
↳ everything else is optional, you can add wings if you want, (more stuff = yes)
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┊So, I want the template to be simple and clear (without looking like, a circle and a rectangle), I'd like it to be pure white with black line art.
┊It can be vector or bitmap BUT when I'll use it I'll recolor proof it, so it will be bitmap, so if you draw in vector don't turn it into bitmap, I'll use a drawing app so the quality isn't ruined.
┊The size of the template shouldn't be like, really big lol, as big as mine is perfect so it doesn't cover the screen.
┊For the animal: maybe a cat or a fox, since other animals are almost never used as OCs ("ALMOST", I HAVE A DEER OC-) but NOT a dog XD (I don't really like dogs at all)
┊also use your art style lol (also I'd like to have every part in a different costume)
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┊inside there's my "char" sprite so you can test if the template art looks good and ok with a small animation (press space for showing it)
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