Stamped Smooth Shading (Update!)

Published 2023-09-17
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New update! Added a skybox with clouds!

--- Improvements ---
- Fixed some warping and gaps from the original STTF project
- Optimized STTF to be ~10% faster than the original project
- Used various different optimizations to try and run this as fast as possible

@BambozzIe made a project with the same idea ( It is no where near similar to my project. The only similar thing about it is the lighting (he uses almost the exact same as mine) and the triangle rendering method. Please do not harass us about it, we worked on these projects at around the same time

btw the second mesh was made by me and took like 5 hours to make

Quick little side project. I used a method of stamp layering in order to create the 3 different vertex shading/colors. There are some visible seams, I know. I could fix them but they would take a ton of time so for now just dont worry about it. I think there are still a lot more optimizations and improvements I could do but of course that would take a lot of time. I spent ~3 days on this so there arent many features.

--- Credits ---
- @Chrome_Cat for the tri filler (STTF, Optimized). In addition to this, he explained a lot about sttf that I didnt even know about
- 3DGaS Community for experimenting and trying out new things with me
- @ggenije for the original triangle interpolation idea
- @SpinningCube for rendering the triangle gradients
- Sort of inspired by @uiopscratch327