Elephant Rave 2

Published 2023-09-07

The elephant has endured. The world has asked too much, and we have given too little. When will we support the elephant in the way that he has supported us? The rave marches on relentlessly and we will prevail against every challenge

Elephant Rave 2 is a long overdue sequel to Elephant Rave. A renaissance title of its time, Elephant Rave is the foundation of so many classic Flash games including This is the Only Level, Achievement Unlocked, and others, now blissfully 14 years later on Steam. Elephant Rave 2 includes:

  • Many more deadly lasers
  • A rocking soundtrack by ZeRo-BaSs
  • Gravity, and sometimes not
  • An extremely good amount of spotlights
  • A questionably good message about elephants that is (also questionably) a metaphor for our lives

Please enjoy the latest installment of Elephant Rave, and be kind and wonderful to yourselves. Thank you Newgrounds for the years of supporting my work

Shameless plug: The Elephant Collection is launching on Steam and PC platforms SOON. It's ten OG blue elephant titles, remastered, fun new achievements, and a bunch of dev behind the scenes stuff. CHECK IT OUT.