Published 2023-08-26

Created in a world where data flows this way and that, and everybody is just standing around looking at it?

Screw this, lets MOVE.

Acro-bot is an 2d Action-Platformer with a focus on cool movement and simple visuals.

Includes 32 levels, 8 secrets and a boss to defeat at the end.

  • If you ever get super stuck, you can press 7 to self-destruct.
  • ESC for Pause Menu.
  • You can change the controls in the Options menu


Sikowny - Game, Music, Art, Design.

Splootulu - Thumbnail Art

Special Thanks:

To all my playtesters for your valuable feedback and testing!


29 Aug 2023 - 1.0.2 - Crash / Black Screen Fixes!

  • Fixed Walljumps Crashing the game on a precise frame.
  • Fixed Crash when pausing the game in a room with AND gates.
  • Fixed Powered Blocks pushing player through them when Diving (didnt exactly fix some ledges in room29 tho...)
  • Geometry fixes on a few rooms.

28 Aug 2023 - 1.0.1

  • Fixed Crash related to Wall-jumping while sliding down a wall
  • Fixed a few Crashes when Pausing.
  • Updated Controls, WASD is now the default layout.
  • Added some more info in How To Play