Published 2023-08-26
UPDATE 9/8/23: Front page! Thank you Newgrounds!!


Move paddle


WASD or Arrow Keys

Bump paddle

A button (Xbox layout)


Poko Loco is a variant on the classic "ball bouncing off paddle" gameplay.

Bounce the Poko into the coins! When you collect the required coins, you progress to the next round!

Compete for global domination by obtaining the highest number of points.

You lose a life when you have no Pokos more in play. Game over when you run out of lives.

Movement Options

Move the paddle left and right. The spot the Poko lands on the paddle determines the angle of its bounce.

If you bump the paddle when the Poko lands (on or slightly before contact) it will double the bounce height.


As you progress, boxes will float across the screen! If a Poko collides with it, it will modify an attribute. (Extra Poko, slower paddle, bigger paddle, etc.)

Green modifiers are buffs, and Red modifiers are debuffs. 

Losing a life resets everything to default!

Bonus Rounds

Bonus rounds will fill the screen with collectibles. Get all collectibles before the timer hits zero to gain an extra life.