A Gang of Goop

Published 2023-05-06

Sup biscuit brains, Happy Pico day. This was a cartoon made last year for a collab that was kicked to the dang curb. You may see some cartoons from the collab looming around somewhere. This cartoon took about a month I think and it was fun making it but could be improved. I just decided to released it since it was finished. I hope the production of Nightmare Cops is doing well and I hope to play it in my life time. Keep winning and don't inhale drugs or squeeze/ripoff your moles because they will turn green and yellow.

I drew a JEFF and flushed him down like r gee lee and then he skittered back he couldn't be flushed down. We'll see


Postboy did the backgrounds and the cool train

Octo voiced the poor purple pansy

thanks for dah help, i'm gonna go to bed.