Resident Evil Ebola 4

Published 2021-10-07

MetaMike ( Follow me so you're notified if Part 5 ever releases!

If their ever was a game I released that I TRULY wanted the good people of Newgrounds to play, it would be this one! It took forever to finish, but I had a blast making it! Might be the last entry in this series as well as my last NG project. Thank you all for stopping by !

*If you die, Ammo and First Aid Sprays will be added to your Inventory.


Interact with the Merchant to purchase Ammo, Weapons, and more !

-Controls- *Some actions won't be available until after the prologue*

Arrow Keys - Move around

S - Fire Primary Weapon

D - Secondary Weapon

E - Sniper Rifle (When Acquired)

A - Survival Knife

W - Fire Upwards with Handgun (Doesn't consume ammo)

F - First Aid Spray

G - Grenades

ENTER - Open Doors / Interact with Environment

SPACE - Open Inventory


-Their was a nasty glitch I can't believe I missed with the Shotgun, just fixed it !

-Was told certain bosses were beyond difficult, dropped some of their HP to make it more fair.

-Added the option to skip most cutscenes.