Oh No, It's My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend!

Published 2021-05-08

Oh No, It's My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend! is a short ~15-min side-scrolling platformer where you are (probably) the hero and must rescue the princess from the clutches of the evil knight. Travel through three different stages in search of the lost dame, fighting through a slew of nasty minions along the way with weapons from chests that are just conveniently unlocked - or just stomp 'em with your boots. Locked doors and infuriating gaps will not deter you as you make your way to the finish, facing the ravenous dragon in an epic battle, and defeating the villain once and for all!

The game is made in the frustratingly limiting GB Studio, as part of a Floppy Disk callback game jam. A little frustrating to play in some parts, but hope y'all like it still! Reim and I did everything this time, even the music, so it's been a blast.




Left and Right Arrow Keys to move

Up and Down Arrow Keys to climb ladders

Up to open doors

Z to use weapon/interact

X to jump

Z and X to interact with items

Enter to pause

Space to fast forward